How to start fly fishing? – Minimum Fly Fishing Equipment

hi I'm Anni from KajanClubcom Fly fishing community

On this video we're going to look at the gear that you need for fly-fishing So if you're just starting out your might be thinking what you need to get and this is my list of the minimum gear that I have with me If you are just starting and you don't want to spend too much money before you actually know if you like sport or not And do watch until the end of the video to get a free fly fishing cheat sheet to help your father and to see me land a rainbow trout with the exact equipment mentioned on this video You would need a set of fly rod Meaning the rod, reel and matching lines

You will need a few flies And I'm a big consumer of tippet line So I always have a few rolls of extra tippet line with me And then, it's always good to have a net even though, if you don't catch anything, but at least you look like a fly fisherman

And when you do catch a fish, it's much easier to land the fish, when you have a net And especially if you are C&R fishing that's good And to cut the tippet line I always have clippers, that's handy Then of course you can have some other tools as well But but the clippers I would say are the most necessary

And What else? Waders You don't need to buy everything for your first fly fishing try-out You could try to borrow a fly rod from friends or maybe even a local fly fishing guide and you could rent equipment and see if you actually like the sport On this video we listed the minimum equipment you need for fly-fishing

I have prepared a free fly fishing cheat sheet with 4 free lessons You can download it for free There's a download link below this video in the description box Thanks for watching and now let's get out and actually fishing This is my vlog the 10k Experiment

So The plan Now is blueberry season But there's also a river close by So what can you do? 2 people You can split up that's the plan

I got the first fishing turn that's me ok, lets go Back to the black waters it's always so slow when i'm here cause I'm setting up the camera and then I'm making few casts and I go back for the camera It's raining Ok, this i was interesting

I was fishing about there when I hook the fish And I moved little bit downstream and now I have all my stuff spread around So my camera back is still there in the middle of the river and some tools there Rainbowtrout It's stocked here in these rivers It's not wild here in Finland

So this time it's old school fishing and it will be the dinner I can't believe I caught a trout and I can't believe I caught the rainbow trout both on my hook and on the camera Now I'm off to clean the fish It's my turn to go pick the blueberries I'm little bit lazy with that And now you, get out there! If you liked this video be sure to click the like button and share it with your friends and fishing buddies and be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel Thanks for watching and I'll see you on the next video

Hardy Perfect Taupo Fly Reel – Original Vintage 1958-1962 Taupo

hey how's it going it's Kevin want to talk about a really cool real so what we have here is an original Hardy Taupo perfect these were only made from 1958 for a four-year run through 1962 and Hardy reissued them back in 2012 2011 and so what you have here is a later version it sees it as the smooth a legs foot has a line guard and what really made these real special was the width so this is a little bit wider than your standard Hardy perfect in the trout sizes that can track the grilles but it's not as wide as one of the Salmons the diameter on this reel is three and seven eighths if you kind of take a look here nice and close three and seven eighths Thabo perfect also has a line guard you can see this one has a little bit of a line burn in there it's got the smooth hollow foot and this one's also special because it has a spare spool with it too a little bit worn but these being the time-release that these were in in that late 50s early 60s era this is the enamel version so it doesn't have that letting so it doesn't get as nice of that that warning look but this one's survived pretty well over the years so like normal Hardy perfect to open this up and take a look inside you hold onto the spool and use real the face plate backwards and if it comes undone you'll see this great check system in here that's pretty well-known in the hardy Perfect's this one has an engaged ball spare since I had to set up a right hand retrieve both of these paws are engaged there is some markings in on here 24 which matches on the face plates it'll match in there on the frame and on the cage it doesn't seem to be one on the spool I'm not sure if they did those in that run but faceplate and cage have a marketing twenty four so we're going to put these back together slide back on the spool put your faceplate on real like you normally would and I'll pipe it down adjustable tensioner and these reels pair up really nicely with a heavy heavy switch rod or a lighter two handed rod the whenever these were first created they were meant for New Zealand for chasing large rainbows and browns and named after the top of lake in that region so really cool vintage Hardy perfect if you like this real like information on vintage fly reels please check out some my other videos or subscribe to my channel thanks

Redington Zero Reel Review | Best Fly Reel Under $100

hey how's it going I wanted to go over a really cool real today and I'd probably think this is the best real under $100 you can buy today it's a Reddington zero so I have the two three here that I've been using on my to weight really nice lightweight real and I went again and picked up the four five for my five weight so I want to kind of show that off so in the Box you get just a little overview of the owner's manual the care and maintenance and then you get your real as what a nice pouch and here's the four five so what makes this real really cool is it's a click and paw so it's super simple it's I think they're like 89 bucks and it's never failed me and they're super easy to use in a super lightweight so pretty cool looking real lots of machined out pieces on here but for a spore release you just press this button here in the middle this bowl comes out and then you've got your click and costume in here so you can actually reverse it from left hand retrieve to right hand retrieve right now I have it on right hand but there's no drag on this real I mean you can see it goes in there's not much to it and it's not much to fail so if you hear the sound this is the incoming and the outgoing a little more pressure on the outgoing so it's not a drag but it'll put some tension on there but it's pretty smooth but for under a hundred bucks I don't think you can go wrong with this real again this is the four five here's the two three and I think if you're going for a super dependable lightweight easy to use real for trout fishing I don't think you can beat these if you like this please give it a like or have any questions gonna be comment down below you're gonna split this four or five here and probably today but this two three has been pretty flawless for me so far so check out some of these other videos give me a like give me subscribe I appreciate it have a good one

Fly Fishing – Fly Line Backing Why to Use

Captain Chris Myers Central Florida Sight fishing charters I'd like to show you today about putting backing on your fly reel what is backing?backing is usually micron, Dacron, gel spun line

its line that we put on our spool first before we put the fly line on On this one you can see that the bright green backing is on here I don't have a fly line on this one yet A lot of fly shops will put this on there for you, but you can buy your own and here I have a box of KastKing backcast you get 200 yards of 20-pound backing less than ten dollars So it's really inexpensive compared to what you're going to be spending on the rest of your outfit And the reason I want this is twofold one if I get to the end of my hundred foot fly line I don't want to have to try to be running after the fish to catch it if it's big enough to pull that much out I Have 200 yards now, I can stand still and the fish is rarely never happened to me where it's ran 200 yards plus my entire fly line and gotten away the Other advantages you can see how it fills up the arbor fills up the spool So now as I turn this handle it picks up more inches per handle turn and if I didn't have any backing on here So you can get 20 or 30 pound backing the fly line Is gonna be between 20 and 30 pounds something in my leader needs to be lighter than that so if big fish surged or if it did get to the end the thing that should break first is my leader Lose my fly line and all my backing The way you want to attach this is with a loop to loop connection There's a loop in the end of my fly line Come comes made like that

I want to put a loop in My backing I've done so using a spider hitch Which is right here and you can see I've made this loop big enough that the reel fits through it You're gonna see why in a second When I stick my fly line Through here, which is before I ever take it off the spool , I'm gonna attach the fly line to the backing Line still on the spool I'm gonna stick this loop up through my fly line loop Now I have to do one of two things I either have to stick this entire Fly line through the loop or I have to put the reel through if I didn't do that My loop was really small So if you only tied a little tiny small loop say your loop was only that big And you're gonna have to peel all this fly line off and feed it through this loop in order to get the loop two Loops joined so if I make a big loop then all I have to do is take my fly line Stick it through there or if my fly line wasn't on a spool I only have to stick my reel through there Before I pull this tight, I want to make sure it's nice and even And I pull it down slow

So it looks like it's joining hands There's my loop to loop connection and just as easy as it went together It'll come apart now I can put a pencil or screwdriver or something through the hole in here and I can reel that line up onto my spool So get you some backing Before put your fly line on here That way you don't have to peel all your fly line off and put the backing on get it as soon as you buy your reel Put you some on here smaller reels need less The bigger the reel the more backing you're gonna put on here for a light tackle saltwater I put it 200 yards on for offshore, you might want 4 or 500 yards, for inshore streams you might only need 50 yards So get you an appropriate amount of backing on your reel then put your fly line on You