Fly Fishing, Picking the Right Fly – Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

[Constance Whiston] When I started fly-fishing in Texas, I thought I had to learn how to tie flies But I found out that I could get flies on the internet

I could also go to my local fly fishing club, and visit with the members there and learn all I needed to know about flies I could also go to my fly-fishing store in my hometown The club is a good idea to visit because they’ll tell you what the fish are eating in your area And that’s the most important thing to know What are the fish dining on? What are they gonna eat? So the flies are tied to match the type of food that the fish is eating

One of the most popular flies is this hard-body-popper Warm water fly-fishers love to use these because the fish will literally leap out of the water to go after this fly But if they are not feeding on the surface, you might want to try a sub-surface fly like this black–bead-head- woolybooger Or maybe how about a green and white clouser? These are very popular too for warm water fly fishing There’s a large variety of flies that you can use in warm water, sponge-buds, poppers, damsel flies

But maybe you want to fish for rainbow trout at the Guadalupe River There too you can fish at different levels Fly-fishing is not all done on the surface, so you may want to use sub-surface flies like these bead-head-nymphs, or these egg patterns If you’re going down to the Texas Gulf Coast, you might want to try a pencil-popper, or a little pink shrimp pattern, or maybe this crab pattern That’s a real popular fly to use on the Gulf Coast

So no matter where you’re fishing, you need to know what type of food the fish are eating And the best way to find that out is from your local fly-fishing club, or people in the area that fish that water Find out what the fish are eating and travel to the area with the flies that the fish will dine on You want to make sure that you go prepared when you’re out fly fishing Texas

FLY TV Squeeze – Beginner’s Guide to Belly Boat/Float Tube Fly Fishing

Hi and welcome back to FLY TV Squeeze! I am Daniel Bergman – And I am Pontus Sjölund

We thought that Pontus should try fishing from a belly boat for the first time I have watched you fishing when filming for the FLY TV episode about trouts It just looks so much fun – It is, I can tell you The casting you already have under control, more or less

Niklaus taught me about a month ago when we fly-fished for pike You can watch that film down here, via this link That was about a month ago I can cast, but I am not a pro But I can get the fly out

– Exactly I thought I would go through some basics when you are fishing with a belly boat It is almost just to jump in, but there are a few tricks to use to make it easier Let's get these babies in the water – Yeah, sounds like a plan

Put the flippers on – Just put them on the wader shoes? Maybe after they are in the water It is sort of hard to walk with them Especially in the water Are there any handles or something? Or is it just to grab them wherever? You have handles on the inside, but just get it in, it is not heavy

It is really light actually It makes it possible to bring it out even when you are out with a chopper First of all, take the line tray away And get in Did you leave your flippers on the shore? – Yes, I left them there for you

Stay put I will get them This does not feel that effective Without the fins Maybe I should tie them

Just like that Perfect I feel like a duck – Yeah, you look like a duck We will start with this

Are you a right or a left hand caster? Right – Right hand? We will put the rods facing your left side, so you do not cast over them Then take the landing net, just put it on top of them It is easier to get it quick, if you want to land a fish Put this over your knees or thighs, to have kind of a line tray

Does this one go down here? Normally you should have an inflatable collar or something when hitting the water We forgot to bring it, but we have 68° F in the surface water It is a small lake and we are several guys We will manage anyway, but if you are going out alone Or in November or something, it would be a good idea Bring a life jacket or an inflatable collar Let's get out! I will get my flippers on and get going This was fun! Just like snorkelling

– Yeah, it is easy Like this? – Try to keep the feet further down You will get a longer stroke and more power You will not make as much noise on the surface that scares the fish either It is easier to turn and easier to get some speed going

It becomes deeper quite fast, so I think we should get out a little bit Just cast out here – Yeah, exactly One thing to think about when fishing like this is to mind the wind If the wind comes from this side, you do not want to cast like this- -because then the line will blow straight in your face

It is better to have the wind in the back or on your other side For example, we got the wind coming from this angle now You want to cast in either that direction or that one With the wind coming in from your left since you are a right hand caster Like this? – Here we go! One thing you can do is to try and keep the rod a bit higher- -than you would do if you were fishing from a boat for pike

I am much closer to the surface now – Keep your rod tip high in the back cast Otherwise it will fall down in the water and if you are fishing a Magic Head- -it might even flip it back – I felt that now when I touched the water How long did you say you have been doing this? A month

One and a half I had not fly-fished before, before that time a month ago But I have watched a lot of guys fly-fishing That is good Do as you have seen people do

I think I have caught a bit bigger fish It might be a new personal best for trout It seems to be a good paddle on that boy Good fish! This is definitely my biggest trout ever It is a long nice fish

It is just awesome to catch this one from a belly boat In the middle of nowhere Bye bye, baby This clear water is just awesome Come on

Fish on! That one looks bigger It is a better fish Is it a really good one? – Hard to say, they are so strong Look at that paddle! It is great to catch a fish like that from a float tube Come on, baby! That is a big fish

Look at that guy! It is a real beauty – You took it on a Magic Head? They seem to like these Magic Heads – I wonder how old this guy is How long has he been swimming around here? – He has been swimming here for Maybe longer than you have been Subtitles: Daniella Falkman Twedmark wwwtextsmartse

Fly Fishing Nymphs – Fly Fishing Basics

Hi It’s Anni from Kajanaclub

com fly fishing community And on this video we are gonna look fly fishing basics with nymphs Nymphs have often times saved the whole fishing trip when nothing is happening and nothing else works you'll see what I mean later on this video And do watch until the end there's a free fly fishing cheat sheet that I think you will like Fish are oftentimes staying at the very bottom of the river

where they can stay in nice shelter and just wait for the current to bring their next meal And it would take a lot of energy to rise all the way up to the surface to catch one bug for a dinner So therefore when you're using nymphs you can serve your fly right in front of the fish which is lurking at the bottom of the river And especially if your nymph has a heavy bead head it sinks to the river bottom really quickly and nice And let me show you a quick super fancy illustration how it works

Your fly sinks to the bottom and the heavy head goes first, so it's not so likely to get stuck on the river grass or anything You let it bounce to the bottom or at least very close to the bottom and it swims right in front of the fish and then it's a really easy decision for your fish to decide if it wants to go for it or not There Now you know the very basic principle of nymph fly fishing and why it's so alluring for the fish If you're interested about the fishing techniques week 3 of Fly School with Anni is all about different fly fishing techniques

So you might want to check that one out And as you know it's all about knowing those little tricks and tips so if you want more fly fishing tips there's a free fly fishing cheat sheet for you I prepared it just for you and there's a download link below this video in the description box It's totally free so go get your copy And now let's see this nymph fly fishing in action Let's get back to my life is in the vlog

A bit of after work fishing Lovely sunshine It's maybe five clock and the plan is to do a little bit of fishing close to the roads and then hit another place with the car and then move along and try a third place with a car so let's see it's a rainbowtrout place This is quite rare that you can actually see the river bottom It's perfect sunshine and quite clear water

Could be just me and my imagination but it's there a fish First stop I had my fly stuck to the tree Typical and to the river bottom and it's really pretty out here And now we move on to the next place Good work dad! I was fishing at the same spot I didn't catch anything but the pro needed to show how it's done Nice rainbow

Ups I think we forgot something That was the second place Nice rainbow trout And all the snacks are eaten so now we'll check the third place and then it's time to go home

The sun is already quite low it's such a nice evening This third place it's really nice The Sun has set already It's getting a little bit late It's so peaceful here

We've seen few rings on the surface but that's all Quite quiet but lovely And now you get out there If you liked this video make sure to click the like button and share it with your friends and fishing buddies and be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel Thanks for watching and I'll see you on the next video

Catch Release and Barbless Hooks

Sometimes things do not go according to the plan Hi, it's Anni from Kajanaclub

com fly fishing community On this video we talk about barbless hooks and I show you how to de-barb your fishing hook This helps if you need to release the fish, for example, if it's a small one Like on today's vlog you'll see it in action later on this video Watch until the end of the video I have something really useful for you if you would love to learn fly fishing

So when you catch a fist you want to release it's way easier when you have a fly with barbless hook And some places even have fishing regulations that you can only use barbless hooks But you don't need to buy or make all your flies with barbless hooks Really easy fix is to just clip in the barb from your existing flies and you can use clippers for that or pliers There You've now learned how to make your fly into a barbless one If you want to learn fly fishing I have something really useful for you

Go ahead and download your FREE fly fishing Cheat Sheet there's a download link below this video it's totally free Now let's get back to my fly fishing vlog and on this episode my cousin catches her first ever fish on a fly My cousin Sohvi, first timer is visiting from the capital city and she wanted to go fishing so we have one Saturday booked for that

But the morning went as it did for several different reasons and we got lost when we try to pick her up from the cottage where she staying so nothing went according to the plan and although the whole Saturday was booked suddenly it's quite late we haven't eaten I'm so hungry and tired I borrowed my waders to my cousins so he's comfortable I'm using my old ones and I forgot how much they can actually leak I think I have about 1 liter in both feet so The highlights of today were when I caught a fish It was very exciting and when we were very deep in the water and we did this what's this? Overhead cast

yes yes I was nice I caught a mini grayling My cousin caught about 30 centimeter grayling First fish on a fly so good job and we found some mushrooms Not so much fish with excellent mushrooms and as I'm thinking of the day right now I realized I I think I didn't do much filming so as an entertainment for this vlog episode you can see how much these waders leak I think we can call these waders old

And I will erase them from the existence That's pretty cool how she caught her first ever fish on a fly That's fly fishing at its best If you want to catch your dream fish or learn about fly fishing check out Fly School with Anni It's a 6 week internet course where you learn fly-fishing basics together online You can attend from anywhere as long as you have internet connection I will link that one below as well in the description box If you liked this video click the like button, share it with your friends and fishing buddies and be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel thanks for watching and I'll see you on the next video and now you get out there

How To Spin Fish for Trout – Fishing Basics

I'm Gordon Edwards, Fisheries Biologist with Wyoming Game and Fish out of the Sheridan region, and I'm here to talk about how easy it is to get into spin fishing for trout You really don't need much to do that, just a medium light action spinning rod, some line, some snap swivels, and some lures

It also helps to have something to unhook your fish like a pair of forceps, pretty cheap and inexpensive, maybe some clippers, but you can do it pretty inexpensively and you don't even have to carry much with you This I literally just pulled out of my bag It's just a small tackle box with a few spinners in it and a few snap swivels that I just keep in here and keep in my pocket to replace anything that I lose or if I want to try something of a different color It's handy to have a net so you can land your fish quickly especially when water temperatures are warmer and get them unhooked and released and that's literally all you need What I have here for spin fishing for trout, an important thing you want is a snap swivel

It avoids a lot of line twist and it gives the spoon or spinner that you're going to use, like this lil Jakes's lure right here, really good action There are a variety of knots Two of the common ones that work really well are the improved cinch knot and also the trilene knot I tend to use the trilene knot pretty frequently, and with that knot you want to go through the eye, this will be kind of hard to see, twice, holding the little loop that you just made open and then wrap the line around about three to four times the uh the leader part like that, if you can see that, and then just put that through both loops It's also important to wet that knot before you cinch it down so that the line slides together

I usually just lick it and then just pull it tight like that That's the trilene knot and then you can clip off the end with your handy little clippers and then that snap swivel you just attach it right on the eye of your lure that you're intending to use and you're ready to go Just like that and then that free spins on here like this so that it doesn't twist your line and then you'll avoid a lot of rat's nests in your reel I hope you found this video helpful and to watch more fishing videos, click the link on your screen