FishAngler Quick Tips: Tackle Box

Hey everyone, welcome to FishAngler Quick Tips! Today we'll be going over the Tackle Box To access the Tackle Box, tap "More" on the navbar then tap "Tackle Box"

The Tackle Box is a place where you can store and view your favorite baits and other fishing tools It's also so you can quickly tag your catch with what bait you use whenever you add a post or catch If we tap one of the items in the Tackle Box, it'll take us to a small profile page about that item If you want to remove from the Tackle Box, you can tap the bottom here or we can swipe left In my tackle box you can see that I have four natural baits and two rod-and-reel types

To add items to your tackle box, simply tap "add item" at the bottom You'll be given six categories Today we'll go with "Lures" Let's go with Logic Lures, Plastics and we'll go with the top choice here, the Plastic Flutter Tail 4 To select, we can tap the empty circle next to the name, or for more info I can tap the name of the lure, I can add to the tackle box by tapping the bottom, and if we go back to our tackle box we can see that this new lure has been added

No matter what category you're in, you can always add custom gear For example if you can't find a certain manufacturer in the catalog or let's say you make your own lure all you have to do is tap the plus sign in the top right hand corner be sure to save your custom entry after you add a photo and other model information

Top 5 Reviewed Tackle Bags On Amazon Gifts For Fishermen

The choice of the right product is always a challenge in today's world there There are always so many products to choose from

It can be difficult to know where to start searching one of the best places , to search for Amazon customers reviews when the customer is satisfied with a Purchase to take the time to review To post, you can be confident that it's a top product Our goal is to Top 5 products listed on Amazon , to list with the highest customer reviews It gives you a starting point for your research To start, this is the top five listed for packed music you when you are on the Click link below this video, you will Get a page with a link for each of these performance packages on Amazon to see This is a good way for you to help decide what suit bags is right and you will have all the other choices on Amazon can review this top- revised graded products, click on the link below this video

What’s in my tackle box

hey there youtuber this is jon h outdoors and the reason why I'm doing this and not talking to the video cuz i had of audio malfunction by the way this is a smallie strike cup holder it's pretty cool and yeah It wasn't really working so good like I just doing this after pre recording after recording that is why I thought hey let's just do a audio cuz it wasn't working so yeah tried everything does not know I don't know how to fix it so we're gonna let you on so here figure our tackle bag classic tackle bag you know and inside is four boxes of what my lures are so today I'm going to show you all my top 5 popular lures no all my lures how about that so let's see you inside whoo okay we've got some bobbers and there's a blind bobbers and a little spinner bait let's see you show you guys these spinner baits and stuff in here so quasi barbarous for little kids I bet him I just bring them along with me cuz I have number one so it's the times I do use them for getting bait fish for bluegill and also I have a little slip bobber right here little slip bobber and yeah instead of others that bobber is these ones have strings for sub barbers they don't have strings that's brains they have these little holes you put string you put your line through and yeah you can get some good crappie on them I've caught in a real nice I caught and I use a slip bobber to catch a flat head not flat bull head sorry bullet om this is a spinner bait right here green green blue spinner bait think yellow agree everyone call it and there's some water there yeah so that's the one box covered now let's get into the fun parts the jigs I'm all stated in I really thought I was gonna stay in so let's open up and see what's inside ooh we got some look at these look at these jigs this is a really classic jig right here he's there's a lot I caught a nice drum on this one these never caught any on yet but they're pretty cool colors I say they might work I work with all jigs yes see a Widow's it's so interesting swimming open mind this is a swim bait yeah this is a destiny interesting Sunday right here look at that little swim bait so cool yeah somebody's enrolled but this is a kind of newer one I wash these up a little bit but these yeah these these are the cool ones these are the one that he's bought today so let's see yeah so yeah look at this look it is cool little swim bait a best friend babies little Oh Christine craw then Kristi crew oh yeah yeah became a little hooks in this slide around really weird when he just come on the box back is we just live right now I just open him up turn him over and he slid right out it's funny they move weird look here Rosie I'm moving look at that so cool little slippery little newer yep this is a bigger jig peer comparison to the other ones this one's obviously a lot more bigger clearly bigger and it's a pretty constant catch some nice smoke ball mountain those good large about to probably this is a different color though it's just a black and green jig and yeah the watching us realize that having so much but okay I won't ever stuff which is urgings the old time it's what stills these are the jigs ah this is cool using cool other little floater right there nazar offices a little foam folders we need to focus your core work I just felt so whoever so yeah that's how it works okay on to the next one so let's see what we got into the other one where you said that sorry had to go trace I stopped them in there ooh what's in here I think we got some hooks and weights yes we do and a little special stuff in here some hooks and sinkers please why do these hooks I got the wrong ones I think what these ones look the same they're the exact same size then we date so they should do a little jig there's a new one I got I got a bunch of them so I should be good for a while in the oh okay oh look at that what did you see when I got those are bastards the best wait sorry bats wait some was fire waiting this is a little walleye raid my dad got he says pre interesting I tried it out and it was alright never caught anything on it though but everyone ever used it they were perfect eggs yeah we got some big weights for some nice fly hey wanna go fly-fishing I use these all the time before as they were perfect like what my dad does because I'm young I'm like ah why did you go off topic but I did and these are some good little circle hooks if you want cut some little channels go on ahead use those he just got real amend up the hook him at all these are for bigger fish you wanted some nice flat foot points he's a bigger fish one gets a flat head on them on them boys just put one of them on you get them yeah I think these are better right yeah he's a way bigger so some big ol hooks one get some catfish on yeah it's a nice cute flag this is good wait for rivers don't mean whoever gets them on there and these see here these are little jig spinners good for a little jig just put one on yeah I don't know about walleye have a good crappie yep I'm once again sorry for the audio malfunction price on his stuff I'm saying it might be bloopers most of it so guys it's kind of a think thank you here's the cool stop right here since pools and some plastics let's open her up and see what's inside well it's the best one of the year so this I had not quite official but there is a different version this is black and I have it in my garage and on my right now but this one caught my biggest ain't no my second big it's small mounds of my life yeah this one I never called it on but I plan to use it later on I think I got some bites on it though so can't say I never got ants anything like nothing likes it sorry about the stutter what about stuttering problem me but here we have the one I caught the biggest one on with my life on and this is a very special one too because I kept it's my tackle box cuz it was just looks cool and I want to break it so yeah this it's a pretty interesting bait I just suggest not putting a spool a seat a clip thing on it you know there's a little swivel Clips but snap swivel yeah I've evolved don't put those on it because I started sneak sink slowly just use just whole wine it's good for like it's good for little stuff for a little crappie plus we have so okay so we have this flicker shad right here um yeah just the flip your shad some old-fashioned one it's a pretty cool jad I just putted it for the dolls I put your shad and I just wanted to flicker it around this is a tiger up I can't never was called sorry but yeah what does the one I found a river pretty interesting old rusty one and yeah okay so what else we got in here ooh what's this oh these are the tiny crankbaits right here this is a tiny string Billy half of my tackle box right now never I don't want this but I'm not gonna touch it but this is a crappie crankbait yep when it's one little hook really funny so what else we got this is a classic fall crank bait I use it during the fall summer time pretty good pretty good I got some nice bite on it but I never we custom create bait because smallmouth like on one crank bait I lost it though he's out there in the river still probably hopefully he's all right possible plus me I had drink a soda pop this is a good one for a river small some creeks smallmouth and Sam it is one we're here with you give a creek small easy but looks pretty interesting and yeah um just showing you one more time because I'm tired you to show you guys in the camera but yeah good piece of always a good critter hot birth he's another one good crease Wally's and ignore me trying to get this out yeah so here we got also this popper my ear it's pretty interesting and it's kind of rusted up cuz I was drinking its little out of it and it was pretty bad I had to cut that part out so yeah kind of cuts to open with scissors they couldn't stop recording because it could pause the video but here we got this is a new stuff a guy here this is a smaller version that it's caught a really nice phone at the river okay we're going to next one looks pretty interesting I don't know what this can catch but it looks like you got some apparently this is a longer one and one the next one okay this is a time you know this is just a good tiniest one yeah I'm going same with D cuz I just wanna no no this one this one's I can cut some good trout cuz yeah it looks like good but the best warning here I have to say okay some trout but this so the best one out of all those has to be this one cuz look at it I mean look at the colors on that it has a little shine on it to follow them anew but just wanted some interesting sign and that's it good for a 13 year old and here's gonna be really awkward so yeah it's good for a 13 year old tackle but yep we still got the footage in so you're gonna watch me say nothing so I'm gonna talk to you guys about stuff so we're gonna get dumped I was gonna wrap it up but yep we're gonna see what's over you so I gotta get all that on my tackle box first of all and get all that in there and took forever and ever and ever took me in like 30 minutes to do that you sit in my bed all day just getting all that oh yeah by the way that bag is really cool he's go check it out clean it off it's free interesting bag came with all that stuff too so yeah the double body box is a game of it all mm-hmm showing my socks guys you're pretty anything so let's see messy and miss we're just cleaning we had to move stuff so oh yeah I want to show you this cool part I've never got me for Christmas I think it's really cool Chevy yeah there's a little shovel a shovel that I can't move enough silhouette or Chevrolet never called call it Chevrolet but I didn't focus I could show you these and you could pause the video and look at them all but yeah there's those surfing sticker on there and the license and stuff I mean it's a pretty interesting car in a bag same kit same stickers on the side door a gripper collect these car is he got me one for Christmas he cooks a bunch of on the cleaning lady though she she called she keep this clean ever had a cleaning lady and she came over and she gave him one this really cool car and thought it was black but apparently was a dark purple and this I had for a while and the other ones I don't know happen of those I need to want to cause it but I got this one off because this is the coolest one here it's missing a couple pieces but either way it's an old car and I like it and was almost and that is gonna be it this is Johnny two doors sign off

KastKing SuperKast 9 Braided Fishing Line | Nine Strand Braid for Fishing Ft. Debo’s Fishing

Extreme abrasion resistance mas sepal superior not a advanced formula fade resistance best friction quiet through the guides Zero stretch maximum sensitivity, what is happening fish and friends welcome to another episode? My name is Devon from Debose fishing coming to you on behalf of casts King today I want to talk to you today about Some braid in particular the braid that I have switched to and been using over the past couple months Now prior to switching to this I was using the cast King super power braid it was great I loved it affordable But I wanted to try something new now prior to both of these I'd used a number of the other braids on the market out Of the big names out there some of my had really good experiences with some of them them awful experiences So I first saw it I was skeptical it's like is this getting back into the old DVDs the ab Wars the 5-minute day ABS Six-minute abs is better and 7-minute abs is even better than that no I think there is validity of the information on here And that's what I'm gonna go over so to do that We first have to go back a step and talk about braid basics 101 Why do anglers use braids well? It's more sensitive Braid is more sensitive because it has zero stretch Or you know pretty much no stretch Now the reason they're able to achieve that is through the materials that they use now a lot of the main Manufacturers you'll hear thrown out through other brands are Dyneema or spectra

They're all the same ultra high molecular weight, polyethylene fiber a uhm WPF, which essentially means they take a polyethylene plastic Put it through an extrusion process and get really tiny little fibers Of this material now each company kind of uses their own proprietary Practice to join those fibers together and make a braid so kind of similar to the way a spider would make silk They would extrude it put that soak together and make a cord now with the super cast nine braid Casting uses a reverse spiral winding technology when you get it in your hands and run it through your fingers You can feel that It's you know more of a round feel so what does all that information mean for this super cast iron braid well to me It's so successful is because it falls in between The two main braids that I've used out there it takes the pros from both of those and is combine them into this line now For me I've used a couple type of braids out there This is an old braid off one of my reels from a few years ago This real limp no memory it almost feels like a cotton string type braid There's that kind of then on the other end of the spectrum I don't have any on me, but The braids out there that have a memory They're often coated in some sort of like fluorocarbon or other material Or there are composite where they combine different types of material and put it together in a braid But those braids you hold them out They'll literally stay stuck straight out So a little bit different than this now each of those types of braids have their pros and cons, so When you look at this real limp no memory braid it casts really well It doesn't have any memory It's just like a string so you can sling this stuff really far Also, because it's like a string it floats really well There's no other additives on it No other materials or plastics it it floats really well now when you jump over to this other end the real stiff stuff not not this but The other kind over here will say on the far, right It's smooth if it's one of those that has like a fluorocarbon coating or some other sort of material coating on it It comes through the guides really well It's a lot quieter

It doesn't have that You know kind of rope sound when you drag it through there kind of mm-hmm it casts Extremely well, it doesn't knot up now that kind of starts to get into The cons of these now because these this type of braid over here on the far, right Usually has some sort of coating on it to me It's less likely to start to fray and become Susceptible to abrasion while it has that coating now No I say while it has that So when we start looking at the cons these two different types of braids? This type of braid is horrible when it comes to backlashes it knots up You cannot get the knots out if you try to pick it out It starts to unfree and come apart It's a nightmare it also means that when it does catch and knot up inside there when you cast This braid is a whole lot more susceptible to snap And you know what I'm talking about you set the hook real hard You know the braid digs in a little bit you throw a real hard cast after that and the braid breaks Braid has a real high tensile strength It's really strong stuff, but it has zero give it has no shock absorption so it's really likely to snap you know unlike a a mono or a copolymer that stretches when it comes to a Quick stop like that it's got give to it It can it can stretch braids not gonna do that that's why it's snaps in situations like that now to me this type of line is also a lot more susceptible to Abrasion and catching on things and ripping and breaking because it is more of like a you know a fibrous cloth II type line catches on things kind of like you know your your socks if it gets caught on velcro it kind of Tears that material apart, and you can even see kind of there's a piece where it's doing it Right there

It's kind of coming apart And you can see those itsy-bitsy little strands right there those all start to come undone and that's where a phrasing comes apart now the negatives to that real heavy type of braid are Is that the coating is going to come off of it if it's coated in you know fluorocarbon or whatever that coating is gonna come Off and you're going to be left with you know basically just a type of braid like this Now you also get less casting distance with that real Heavy braid because it's got that coating so I think that's where the super cast 9 comes into play It's combined both those pros from both of those types of braids So when you're looking at it the smooth around or out cast other braids to me that 9 strand being put together? Gives you the fill of having a fluorocarbon coating without actually having a coating That's gonna come off It's got a good round feel now does it come through as completely smooth, and you know quiet as one of those no Maybe not but that coating is not going to come off This is gonna stay for the life of the braid extreme abrasion resistance I think that again comes into play that these nine strands wound together really tight You know looking like one round cord is going to be less likely to catch to fray to come apart You know like the claw feline that stuff catches and starts coming apart So that's where I think the abrasion resistance comes into play here Now more supple superior not tying it's not coated in anything So it is of course be more supple and the knots with this have been excellent I've not had really any problems with knots that might be more to the type of knot you're using with this you know real Limp braid or even the braid over here, that's coated I've not had not issues So that's not really been a problem for me on any of the braids I use less friction Quieter through the guides so it gives you that feel of having a coating because it is one round Strand it's going to come through there a little bit easier Zero stretch maximum sensitivity yeah, it is a braid it doesn't stretch, and it is really sensitive So I've had no complaints there now I've been fishing it on my speed demon this is my frogging or Real thick vegetation punching Set up 50-pound is what I've been running for this I try to go as light as I can in the surroundings if you go with the real heavy 65 pound braid you're not going to be able to cast it as far But if I'm using braids I want to make darn sure that I'm gonna be able to get whatever fish I have in there out with this

That's the whole point of the braid it's strong It's tough You know if you're froggen or deep punch, and you're going to be coming through a bunch of muck I don't want to have any chances Now I don't really concern myself with I know one of the other good points on here was That it's an advanced formula It's that's fade resistance to me That's not an issue if you're worried about the the fish seeing your line To me you should be going over to a copolymer or a fluorocarbon anyway Which is what I do when I'm just running like a jigger at Texas rig I'm always gonna go straight fluorocarbon or copolymer now if you're just worried about you being able to see it You don't want it to fade I've been using this for a couple months and the color has held strong You know as opposed to something like this this was a moss green and the color wore off it pretty quick So I've been really happy with the color retention so far so overall those are my thoughts on this line Why I like it to me it plays the middle of the road between the two main types of grades out there I would certainly recommend giving this braid a try It's a little bit different than the other braids that I've used out there, and that's why I'm really liking it So let me know what's the most important feature you look for in a braid when your braids shopping? Let me know in the comments below again I'm Devin from Debose fishing if you have not already subscribed to the cast King channel I would highly recommend doing that for more informative videos like this one and until next time keep fishing fun

Beginners Guide: How To Sell and Buy Used Fishing Gear with ReelTrail

Nathan is an avid outdoorsman looking to sell his old fishing gear to buy new fishing gear, but doesn't want to deal with all the complicated web sites like craigslist and ebay Nathan sees a TV commercial about an app called ReelTrail, the best place to buy and sell your outdoor gear

Nathan pulls out his cellphone and downloads the free ReelTrail app He simply snapped some photos and adds a description of his fishing gear Within no time his gear is sold and Nathan gets paid Nathan then shops around on ReelTrail and finds the exact fishing equipment he needs to buy All of Nathan's problems are solved through Reeltrail, "The best place to buy and sell your outdoor gear"

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Fishing and Pre-fishing the Bass Junkyz Tournament

[music] welcome we're at Bartlett lake this morning and we're fishing that bass Junkyz so it's been a really interesting morning we've had a lot of boats turned away already probably close to 25 so they caped this thing at 100 boats so it should be interesting on this lake fishing with a hundred boats out there it's gonna be hard to find the spot but the trick is just keep moving around and you can catch fish just about anywhere on this lake so it's not not bad you know I want to do introduce you to a good friend of mine father-son fishing tournament you know Scooter Griffin with the Arizona fishing guides and his son Fisher and you guys were out here fishing today did you get to practice at all I did you know he had some other basketball obligations that he wasn't able to do

but I came out one day in the middle of the week so do you some fishing there's nobody out here so right it'll be interesting to see how it pans out there's a couple spots that you know guys have waypoints on like myself like you yeah back in the day that we might be able to get on and maybe somebody doesn't know about it but who knows yeah that's what I'm banking on is know somebody that from 20 years ago the lakes drop down is 60% you know there's actually more water coming in than they're letting out right at this moment so he's got his good luck charm here the kid the kid is really good so a last time I caught the two biggest ones did he? I'll see we got I think we got sixteenth out last time it was here 99 boats as well or hundred as well and he caught the two biggest one so today I'm hoping that someday that scooter can't make the tournament I'm snag is boy with me

I'm making real good friends with his son so that should be pretty good but we're gonna go in and register we don't even know what number we got yet now we ended up boat 15 oh 15? 15, 15 ha the last boat in the first flight nice oh yeah well see we got in early draw so we're gonna go up we're gonna get our number and hey hopefully we see out there in the lake we stop and shoot some film of you guys good luck Fisher nice to see you guys thanks guys let's run over to the table and let's enter and see what we drew this morning so here's the price family and other family and all the girls and all the helpers here I guess we're kind of late huh so I need to sign a waiver right I'm in the early draw so so when we come into the table here and we draw our number this is what we get we fill out our application we've signed waivers and everything so we drew boat number 31 and we're in the third flight so there's 31 to 45 we're doing at 3:30 pm so we're going to come in weigh our fish show you how to do that again and these guys will all be serving fabulous food and things like that so we'll have a good time so follow us out to the lake we'll go out and start catching some fish and show you what it's like again the fish this big tournament so what I'm doing is I'm getting ready for the tournament ahead of time so that way with a hundred boats we're going to try to find out where to fish it's going to be tough finding your favorite spot because we're both number 31 out and these really good spots are all were always taken so I'm starting up my graph right now so got the graph ready to go so you know as you can see I've got a lot of rods I've got one two three four five six seven seven rods on the deck so I'm gonna do some reaction starting off this morning and I've got everything from A rigs to crank baits spinner baits to two jigs just about everything we can but we're doing the National Anthem so we're going to break here for a minute National Anthem [cheering] well we just had the national anthem it play at every tournament here which is really great so they're given the time out 723 I've got 724 it's always important to wear a watch plus watch your depth finders for your GPS ratings on time so we're easing out right now we're boat number 31 so they're on number two so they call one boat at a time and they make sure it's safe that way that way a hundred boats don't take off and just go fishing so there goes number three so we're just going to scoot up here nice and easy and then they'll be getting closer to our boat when we do we'll cut the cameras and we'll go to our spot and start fishing hopefully we can get a popular spot that I know of and maybe catch some fish so it's going to be tough moving around with this many boats 27

boat 27 twenty-nine all right we ready devar let's take off nice and easy I'm going to our lucky spot there we go see if it's open all right got the net ready I always have keep a clean area taking off a life preserver we're gonna start fishing all right think I'm gonna start out deep right away just to see if there's fish out deep so what I'm doing is I'm throwing a Texas rig Yamamoto jig so they bite on these things pretty good a lot a lot of rocks here so we're gonna just see if there's any fish here position ourself off these rocks everybody's running up to the upper end but the river is at so got fish on the graph in 22 feet that's what I'm looking at so we'll see how it goes I'm just dragging this off this point here from 15 feet to 30 feet just to see if there's any fish here hitting the rocks banging rocks is what I'm doing got this tungsten on so you know in the winter time you got to slow down this fish just are not aggressive you know real early like this you know we're we're cold out here the wind's blowing So so so I worked it all the way back to the boat so I'm going to go ahead and just make another of the cast out there working it right on back Boy look at all those boats my gosh just one after another they're all heading to the upper end of the lake too one of the most asked questions in my seminars are about jig fishing about getting stuck all the time the old-timers that are always getting stuck the young guys don't care they just go in get it or break it off but some of the guys in the group just just are frustrated with this you know so instead of using this football head and getting stuck a lot this is only a small one this is only 3/8 you know I use a lot of times 1/2 ounce so what I do and I'm going to make this simple for the guys that are having problems I'm using a 1/4 ounce tungsten right there a bobber stopper and a 2 ought hook So what I did was I threaded that jig on that's a hula grab Yamamoto hula grab I threaded that on quarter of an inch in slide that all the way up onto the keeper part of the hook like this all right now I'm just gonna stick this right between the the two tails of the Yamamoto grub just like that so it's Texas rigged it's weedless you can just bounce it over all these little rocks and stuff you'll still get stuck once in a while but not like you normally do with the football head seems like that football head with the open hook on it just likes to get jammed into these rocks you can see that 2 or 3 ought hook on there it's it's a killer it gets stuck easy one of the secrets my one of the secrets I like to use is spike it garlic so basically I just take this i use this basically on everything my brush hogs you guys watch the videos you know that our our that come to the Bass Pro Shop seminars so I'm just gonna stick that in there get a little bit of spike it on it and you don't have to put much so once you spike it so what the lake let it sit a second there you are so now you can see that it has green on there right so this is watermelon red we're using Texas rig jigs hula grubs let's give it a try we're up here in the dead of winter you know was 40 degrees this morning the wind is still blowing we had to come back in and hide this some of the coves back here because it's so windy out on the main Lake you know so hopefully we can you know I've caught fish in here on these rocky banks you can see these rocky banks over here are where the bass like to feed on crawdads and this is what I'm basically throwing you know I'm just I'm just using this as a crawdad to try to catch these fish so instead of me using this this big ol' half once hula jig You know I like using these but it doesn't bother me if I get stuck and just go up get it or break it off but so many guys are having problems so we're gonna we're gonna hopefully get some fish and show you that this works just as good all right so let me get up here and and this this is basically right I'm using Johnny Morris's you know platinum signature rod it's a medium this one's a medium action fast tip 7 foot 1 inch I mean then it's matching rod matching reel and I'll tell you xbs it you can't beat this thing it's so smooth these these handles these animals here are win handles for golfing they are so soft to hold I'll tell you they make it really nice so basically in the winter time you got to find where the fish are the fish are you know right now 16 to 25 feet so you know you don't have to cast right on the bank you can go 10 feet from the bank and you can see that that Bank is theirs on a 90 degree angle and that's what I like to fish in the wintertime I like fishing it in the dead of summer when it's hot and I like fishing it in the wintertime so 10 feet out 10 feet out from shore is going to be 10 to 12 feet deep I'm looking at my graph here and I'm only 15 feet so that you know and I'm half way back so so I'm just you know sometimes I hop it in the afternoon you can hop this and make this thing a little bit better and make it more active but sometimes they want that thing just pulled a little bit and then just just lets it we're just working this in slow you know this it's a slow slow venture I could tell you there's two types of bite they'll either bite it and jerk the rodes out of your hand or they'll just barely put it in their mouth and hold it you know but I just keep it moving you know if you feel something like a rock like there's a rock right there so I start reeling my rods loading up there's a fish well it took a while to get back out in deeper water yeah he's coming up there you go you notice that just like an open head jig those things get caught right in front of the mouth there so it's just it's so easy you just hold them for they're cold the water is 50-52 degrees so we're just gonna let this little guy go just like this alright there are some fish on the graph out there in 17 feet of water so I'm gonna rig this back just like a Texas rig I bet you could catch ten fish on that jig at least we'll see before I have to redo it if you're not catching your fish if you can't fill them or catch them you know start spraying this jig with bang or were your favorite spray doesn't matter they'll just hang on to it you know so just this start spraying it and then you know they'll once they taste that that garlic in there or when I when I tip the tail with garlic it's the same thing it's a real strong garlic so they can taste that so we're gonna just kind of once in a while I can just instead of pulling it and stuff I like to hold my rod down like this you know real real slow but during that time I reel remember you're imitating a crawdad crawdads don't come barreling in I mean on a good day you know sometimes I've caught jig fish you know reeling in so okay let me look at that graph well there's more than two now there's about three or four let me just sometimes when I get over to top of them I'll just jiggle my rod like this and and you'll jiggle back there he is! keep them coming if you're gonna swing them these are nice little fish you know this is in the two pound cat category really cold I mean real cold look where I got him again right in the top of them of the mouth so catching them off the graph don't be afraid guys are always asking that question don't be afraid if you're in 12 feet 10 feet 15 feet look on the graph if they're on the graph swimming around drop down there and just just kind of drag it around you know okay that's that's too long that jig in it so I'm gonna put it back on the keeper hook you know the part that goes down on the hook I'm just using XPS hooks Pro Shop since then the Bass Pro for the Bass Pro Shops I used all their equipment their line I'm using XPS fluorocarbon alright I've never busted a fish of yet on this line of course I'm using 14 pound test but on all fluorocarbon stand I've used a lot of them if you're in rocks or you're in trees you got to keep filling to make sure that there's not a nick in there because they will they will they will break so so that's pretty good so let's let's see there's my target right over there so I'm just gonna throw that out well I gotta tell you that a cameraman Dave Jones has just told me all our fish are floating well they would be they came out of 27 to 32 feet this morning so I need to go back and Fizz the fish but I'm gonna have him come back and show you how to I do that to let the air out and we're gonna go down the mouth and let the air out that way alright so we've got to do is fizz these fish I got a needle a Fizzer we're gonna stick this right down in this crushers and I can hear the air coming out I just put them in there for the count of five blow your needle out each time stick it right there about an inch you'll hear it pop with it I know you don't want to let too much out because then you'll kill them

blow the needleout stick it right in there there it is we got these fish at 30 feet deep so I'd rather I'd rather stick them two times to get the air out enough air instead of killing them kill your fish it's 025 a quarter of a pound to at weigh-in time so you these needles down the throat is much easier than going in the Side in the sides and you can buy these online or at tackle stores it looks like that right there it's called the benders bins bender so good tip tip to have and if I don't if I don't fizz those fish and that fish dies and I have to use that fish at weigh-in that's 025 quarter of a pound you know there's ten 100's of an ounce 10 100's equals one ounce so 1 to 100 is just a few drops of water or 1/100 is just a to three drops of water so you don't want to be turning in any dead fish so you want those babies just to go back and there they are again there's two or three of them down there now okay now my head rods just getting heavy so I start reeling like this just jerk it just jerk it and you'll get them on okay twist them around don't ever stop when you're coming into boat just come right in the boat like this it's a little easier when they're cold because they're not they're kind of lethargic but right there in the side of his the top of his mouth again that's a nice nice fat one winter fish fun to catch you know this size pound and a half pound three quarters is good so let's lift this little guy go and they just go right on down you know so so sometime your thing comes out of it keep your part of the hook like that all you got to do is just push that jig right back on the top make sure it's straight go between the tails hook it right back in there slide your bobber stopper down do that you're ready to go it's just so easy you're gonna start doing this jig fishing these are just remember this one's watermelon red it's a good color if you don't know what color to use watermelon red watermelon or green pumpkin they're all good colors on all the Arizona lakes We have 5 fish but they're small we lost one big one and now we've got to try to upgrade so I like to stick to these rocky, rocky banks here so the only way I'm going to upgrade probably is with a jig and I'm gonna just be bouncing that on the on the rocks so we have a lot of people fishing up here so this is a good way to to maybe upgrade and get some of those rid of those little ones but least we know that the little ones can be swim away when we let them go they won't be floating up in the surface so what I'm doing is just moving this real slow fishing right off these rocks here so we're just gonna I'm just gonna take the trolling motor just move along here with this jig and try it I'm just making a cast I'm not going right up on the bank because all our fish have been in 15 to 20 feet of water so I'm gonna try to eliminate that I'm in 30 feet now so I know that 10 feet off the bank is gonna be at least 10-12 feet deep so I'm just gonna go nice and easy and just scoot along this Bank well that felt like a fish the fish had been real sluggish today and it's been real tough we have a hundred boats and what everyone's been out here sticking the fish for three days and so they just have not turned on yet we got a little front coming in right now it's cloudy it was real windy on the lower end of the lake where we were now we're at the upper end and that's warmed up a lot so we were able to take our jackets off I'm gonna be shedding this thing to pretty quick I'm just gonna move along these rocky banks you see all along here and just steadily move along there and kind of power fish this all the way down and to hope for a bite you know I got to upgrade those smaller fish those we're not going to do nothing unless we can get us some bigger fish so we started out this morning and drop-shotting throwing a jig and brush hogging and we've caught fish on that we've got some short ones under 12 inches now we have our five and but we don't we do not have any big ones you know probably a pound and a quarter pound and 3/4 is the biggest other than that they're they're smaller so I'm just gonna move this slow but we've left the lower end of the lake we came to the upper end I'm I fished these rocky banks like this before this side and then the other side of going into the river and I'm just gonna fish this out I'm looking at the graph in 35 feet and there's this here so we're just going to fish this down and hope that you know maybe we can catch a couple some twos or two and a half pounder three pounders so that's the way we're doing it right now it's it's 12:25 we're due in at 3:30 so the afternoon bite up here usually is really good if the sun's out but the sun's not out so in reaction bite we have not done nothing we've thrown crank baits up throwing Alabama rigs you know I've thrown it just about everything so the fish are just so cold they're just laying on the bottom and if you drag this by and they think it's a crawdad they're gonna eat it so that's basically what we're doing right now it's just moving slow and hoping that we catch a fish they like this rocky banks like this they do I'll tell you they so I'm just gonna keep on the trolling motor real slow bring it down fish it back 30 feet of water now today I'm basically fishing a jig with an open open hook like this I'm just using a 5/8 ounce sinker Yamamoto jig and I got one rigged Texas rig too so if I get in bigger rock I can I can go ahead and and you know throw that Texas rig in there not get stuck but I haven't been getting stuck very much today I've only lost one setup so but I haven't been fishing real heavy rock like at the dam I've just been fishing you know nice little boulders like this so we're just gonna make our way down fishing like I said fishing is really slow you know I'm just going for that big bite that's all I'm fishing for now I got five fish in the live well I just need I just need a couple of those bigger fish those 3 pounders just to place in the money and you could you could pull up on any one of these given little shorelines here and there could be two or three of them there and you can make two casts and pop out two two of those big fish so that's what I'm hoping for right now hey we just got back into the weigh-in now and we pulled into the parking lot here we're gonna haven't got our fish out yet but immediately all these helpers came over here from the Phoenix Junior bass masters and started wiping my boat down didn't ask for any money gave them some but they started doing this turn around guys on all of you in the Phoenix junior bass masters look at this what a handsome she will be pretty soon huh well you guys do a good job I started that Club in 1994 so that was a long time ago that I first started the junior Bassmaster so good job guys thank you for helping us all right good luck on your next tournament well folks I got good news for you and I got bad news for you got a limit of fish but small ones so but we're gonna weigh them in anyway and you just never know you never know you should always weigh your fish in just in case but they were all just little ones fun to catch but we're going to after this go on down and weight these fishing and see what we got and then they always serve some really, really good food so that's always a treat to go into so I'm going to jump down here and we're going to carry our bag and we're going to head down to the weigh-in so just follow me and we'll head on down 5 fish five alive weighing total weight how about some of that did you have a good day out there today No we did not ether we caught small fish we caught a lot it was fun bt just could not get the big bite this guy my camera guy he caught three pounder but couldn't handle the camera and catch the fish at the same time so we lost a fish can you imagine that!! he lost our only good fish today just because he has to carry around a 50 pound camera fishing with a camera in one hand and a fishing pole in the other yeah the next angler stepping to the scales is going to be Gary Senft Gary how was your day out on the water today you know we we had a good day we we just didn't catch any big ones I have to tell you a little story about my cameraman you'll see him pulling a 50 pound camera here yeah well he was old his camera and a fishing pole he got a 3 pounder on and I don't know why he lost that fish but you know he trying to reel that in holding camera at the same time so it was pretty amusing I should have grabed the pole out of this hand that oh well we had a good time out there looks like we had another great turnout you know with 100 boats and they turned away how many boats? 23 23 boats couldn't make it so congratulations looks like everybody caught a lot of fish today and had a good time I heard a lot of good reports coming in so that's good all right Gary up to the scale boat 31 there it is my buddy how are you partner good small Linit do you want to weigh big Fish? no no Ok Tim Price is the owner of this and Greg he's the weigh master he does all the final decisions on weighing in the fish 5 fish, five alive weighing total weight only 6 pounds just didn't have a great day today just had fun catching fish but no big ones and that happens in tournaments a lot weighing total weight 629 Yeah! [laughter] we had somebody clapping for us uh-huh nice Gary do you want to get a picture

yeah we will get a picture 5 fish Five alive weighing big fish got it all right now we just weighed our fish we're gonna take them over here to the boat this is the weigh in boat 229 here they come all these woppers thank you so much you're a good helper yeah hey we're over here at the weigh-in at Bass Junkyz with Matt Shura and Lon Armel 999 which is pretty good so how'd you guys catch your fish you know uh kind of tough you know we tried some different things we're looking for the big bite on a spinnerbait slow rolling that spinnerbait we only caught one fish on that and the rest of we're on Jigs we stuck to the jigs through the drop shot very little because last time we were here we just couldn't get any big ones on the drop shot yep stuck to the jig we had four decent fish and just couldn't get rid of that last one we needed a one kicker so yeah jigs and jigs mainly we stuck with jigs all day two and I caught some six and seven inches on the jig believe it or not yeah you didn't though your brush hog? I through that do but they didn't want to eat that yeah! so congratulations you guys are right up there so yeah appreciate good to see you guys yeah thanks buddy thank you hey this is a good friend of mine Tom Wonderland's on the Nitro team with us and Tom just went in 1094 weighed in and he's way up there's an eighth place so far out of a hundred boats that's pretty darn good so we saw you on the lake and up throwing jigs all day basically all day all day long Wow nice that was a slow grind you know so we did the same thing and except I got these small ones on jigs but not big ones but that happens so we just moved around had a good time so it's good seeing you up here and now who's your partner you fish with Rick Bream good clean cool yeah but yeah so we started out good we got four probably by almost 8 o'clock Wow and we didn't get our fifth one until 10 nice yeah we were talking about yep that's what we got to to get anymore after we saw you on the water no no yeah I know and then doing three more boats just showed up yeah that point got beat up today bad so well as you can see a congratulation I hope you get a check Thanks yeah I hope so to we are holding our breath oh we just moved down to 9th This is Jeff Maybury and Dan Nichols? Nicholson ya Nicholson so they had what did you have 10 something 1038 something like that yeah close to 10 and a half so do you guys have a good day did you catch a lot of fish today? ya have fun! yeah we caught a lot of fish did ya! did you fish jigs all day long? all day long yeah jig, jig, jig we did too

of course we didn't end up with that but I'm thinking that with the Sun not coming out late in the day and staying out that it didn't make the fish come up out of the deep under the edges as much yep in the tournament I think so too and a hundred boats yeah a hundred boats here and for the last few days everyone have something to do with some of our spots oh yeah I do too I like the Sun when I'm up here too a big bigger fish will move up in the afternoon so I always get that good bite you know so I just don't think they wanted to move as quite as much today Wow and boat traffic is part of it oh yeah hundred boats today and plus the pleasure boaters plus there's been guys camped up here for three days so 50 boats on the water each day hooking fish so it's it made a little bit more tougher normal 1020 you guys have a good day today or? yeah we caught a bunch of fish did you it started out good for us it did get tougher as the day went on there you know yeah we caught them all deep today and we stayed with the jig all day hoping for a bigger bite but so we did culed by ounces you know what I mean yeah it was fun yeah I thought I was gonna pick up in the afternoon like it usually does but it didn't for us well I think it has to do with the Sun we didn't pick up for us so I mean we caught fish all day but and jigged all day long but I just didn't havejust couldn't get that big bite I was saying the sun the Sun may have been a big factor at this lake huge so if it would have came out then we would have seen some bigger weights but you guys still had a good bag you know I don't know if you made the 10 spot I think we were just out of the money yeah so you might get a booby prize yeah you know so it'll be good anyway good to see you What did you think about 100 boats today it good to see it turn around now oh yeah alright you just want to thank you guys for coming out today and watching our shows and and being with us today as we fish this tournament you can learn a lot by just coming to the weigh-ins and stuff even if you don't fish and find out what's happening but a lot of good weights today we we didn't make it we had a lot of fun today Dave and I was fishing and we caught fish and we tried we jigged all day long and through brush hogs and and other baits drop shot so it was good we just didn't get that big bite we had one big one on lost it has you all here in the show it came off so again thank you for being with us and tight lines to all of you and we look forward to doing a lot more shows in the future [Music] you

Korda Carp Fishing Masterclass 5: Approaching a new water | Danny Fairbrass | Free DVD 2018

One of the questions I get asked at shows probably more than any other is: “I'm going on a new lake, where do I start?” Whilst it's very difficult to answer that question at a show, what I hope to do over the next few sessions is show you how I fish a new lake This 45-acre pit behind me is in Broom, in Bedfordshire

I've been here a couple of times before I've got limited information about what's swimming around in here, so I really am starting from scratch The first bit of advice I can give you is let the carp tell you where to fish People think there's a magic answer with tackle and bait that means you're suddenly going to start catching them That is simply not true

You've got to get there early, you've got to do laps of the lake until you actually find them This place is an open lake, it's really affected by the wind The fish are quite young and they're not really affected that much by angling pressure, so they move around a hell of a lot and often they're on the wind, but not today We've got a northerly wind blowing, it's very, very cold and on my laps around the lake I saw from the other side of the lake, I saw a fish show off this point and then it showed again So that is the obvious place to start

Always try and get there early if you can They're going to show in the first couple of hours of daylight if they show at all If you turn up at one o'clock in the afternoon, you're just walking around with really nothing to go at So my first tip is get there at first light When I first arrive at a new venue, it's fish activity that really dictates how I should fish

So if all the fish are in a quiet bay and they're showing, there's heads coming out one after the other, then I'll literally plop three rods out, really light leads on, helicopter rigs so you can fish over any kind of lake bed with a pop-up on, and see if I can get a quick bite If the fish are out in open water, maybe they're not showing that much I've had the odd sign, then I would perhaps try and find an area out in open water near where I've seen the fish, establish a bit of a baited area, but still be prepared to move if that doesn't spark up So in this situation I'd cast around with a marker float and then with a bare lead just to make sure the area's clean enough I'd put 20 spombs of bait out, that's crumbed-up boilie and sweet corn, two brilliant baits for this time of the year

I'm using corn in my mix in this session because I know there's hardly any nuisance fish in this lake There's no real bream, there's a few tench, but they're not really a problem Carp absolutely love corn and if you're trying to go on somewhere new and get a feeding response out of fish you don't know a lot about, if you can get away with corn it is a massive edge I'm mixing it with crumbed boilie, just crushing that up in the crusher Again there's not a fish swimming that won't eat crumbed boilie

You put the two together, it gives a nice carpet on the bottom There's a bit of Canadian pond weed out there, so some of it will disappear into the weed, some of it will sit on top and it's a brilliant combination for this time of the year I've started the session with 20 medium Spombs and you would think it would take quite a long time to get my first bite, but to counteract that I'm fishing three high attract pop-ups over the top of it And what I've found in the past is once you put out bits and pieces, you can attract the fish in and if you've got something bright sitting over the top like a cherry on top of the cake, you can get a bite before they've eaten any of the loose feed at all So just because I've put that amount of bait out doesn't mean to say I wouldn't get a quick bite

Well, that didn't take long About an hour after putting the bait in and the left-hand rod is away Got the old Red Baron up there doing loop-the-loops behind us I didn't think I was going to get a bite as quickly as this to be perfectly honest, but it just shows you how the fish are responding to bait at this time of the year The water's well above ten degrees now

It's a mirror I'm just using past experiences The fish responded to bait on the previous session Daytime is such a good time in the spring for a bite The fish are so temperature controlled at this time of the year and as the water's warming up, they're starting to feed

As I've got that bite, the fish has charged across in front of the other rods and picked up one of the other lines So what I've done is just undone the bail arm, taken the line out of the buzzer so it's not constantly going off Having that slack line just enables me to get the fish in without a problem You can easily pull the hook out if you've got another line attached So it's a good little tip

If you're fishing on your own, you pick up one of your other lines, just open the bail arm, hopefully you'll be able to play it in, untangle the line once the fish is in the net Come on, in you come Get in that net Bosh! Got him Wicked! I always leave the fish in the net and get the rod back out as quickly as possible because you never know how long the feeding spell's going to last

It was definitely the right thing to do as the second bite came only minutes after the recast on exactly the same rod as the first I didn't rebait after the first bite and I think this definitely helped the second bite happen even faster The skill is reading the situation on each session and then deciding if more bait's needed or not What a way to start A 17-pounder, absolute stunner

The other one was 14 and it just goes to show, you put the effort in first thing in the morning, find the fish and you can make a big lake like this seem pretty small Proof of the pudding, they are responding to the bait The faster you notice patterns emerging on your lake, the quicker you're going to be onto the fish as they move around and what I've noticed here so far, I think because it's shallow you get action really quickly, find the fish first of all, get on them, get out reasonably quietly, put a bit of bait out maybe I’ve had a couple of bites really quickly on the last couple of sessions and then it’s gone dead Then the fish have turned up in a completely different area, nowhere near where they should be and I think they’ve moved off the angling pressure

So it’s worth really thinking about why you’re not getting action as much as why are you getting action Now it’s getting later in the day, I haven’t seen anything out in front of me I’ve been watching like a hawk all afternoon, haven’t seen anything in front of me so it’s probably time to bring the rods in, go up to the other end of the lake where I’ve seen them before and just see if they’ve moved up there quietly and if they’re happy up there, showing and stuff and then I can move on to them and maybe nick another bite The major advantage of fishing off the barrow is that you can move so quickly If the first thing up is your bivvy, then you’re sort of welded to that swim, and if fish start showing elsewhere you’re probably not going to move

But doing what I’ve done today and just having everything on top of the barrow ready to go, means that if they do start showing elsewhere, and at this time of the year the fish are highly nomadic, it means you can chase them around and get on them straight away I decided not to fish that night so my rods were ready to go at first light If I’d had rods in the water, maybe over bait, I’d be less inclined to wind in and cast at a showing fish This way meant that I made the absolute most of every show and when bites are hard to come by it can be the difference between a blank and a fish in the net The left rod went short where I’d seen the fish the evening before and the other two went long after seeing a fish just after first light, which is the best time to spot them

It’s really important to carry a different range of lead sizes because you never know the fishing you’re going to be doing, especially on a new water I can be dinking it out like 20 yards amongst loads of fish in shallow water or whacking it out, 120, 130, to fish showing out in the middle And having the Heli-Safe on makes the whole thing so versatile, you can take the lead on and off so easily, and it just means that you can get out a distance if you want to, or be really quiet in the corners at the same time It’s been out there about an hour now Pretty bleak conditions today and not a lot of fish activity as a result

One of the rods cast out, probably 110, and I’m wading out at least ten, has produced the first action from this end of the lake It just shows you how important it is to keep your eyes peeled and put rods where the fish are Get in that net Bosh! Got him! 16lb 8oz fighting machine and I’ve just left him in the sling for a little while just to recover It’s a good idea to do that when you’ve had an epic battle, just let them recover a bit in the sling and then let them go

And while this fish has been waiting, I’ve seen a fish show behind me on that bank where the wind’s blowing into, which is no surprise The fish on these big pits do seem to follow the wind really quickly Even though I’ve had a bite out of this swim, it’s time to move and make the most of the last few hours As usual the gear stays in the car when I got here at first light this morning Did a circuit round the lake, saw three fish in completely different areas of the lake, all off the back of the wind, but most importantly, one was off the point that we call Hippo’s Point now, that I started fishing at the beginning of the last session where you saw me

And what’s happened in between times, I’ve been back twice more One time it was bitterly cold even though it was well into spring We had minus temperatures at night, everything was frozen solid I’d chased the fish around for two days and managed to scratch one fish on a single right up the other end and then last time I came, the weather had improved dramatically and again the fish showed off that point, but more on this side of the lake where we are now I started off just fishing singles and then basically put some bait out to where I thought the wind was going to be blowing

It was a slow start but it just got better and better and for the first time the fish really responded to the bait and I think I had four takes in the first couple of days and then on the final morning, I had 12 bites I managed to snare three 30s in that session as well, which was amazing One of them I had to photograph on the mat because my camera had run out of battery and it really came alive and the fish really responded to the bait So even though I haven’t seen fish in front of this swim, this is where I finished the last session I’m fishing at exactly the same range, so it’s 80 yards off the bank

I’m wading out basically four rod lengths, so it’s 16 rod lengths I’m casting from here It’s just pretty nondescript out there, pretty flat, there’s a little bit of weed coming up in places but it’s fishable pretty much everywhere because I’m using that helicopter rig with the hook link sliding up so it comes to rest on top of whatever’s out there And I’ve started off with bait again because in the past, chasing fish around has produced bites, it’s a very labour-intensive kind of fishing, but I’ve not really built any sort of hit and that last session, the fish really responded to the bait, wading out, putting more bait out with a throwing stick and the bites are coming an hour later and it just built and built and unfortunately I ran out of time and I had to come home But with the wind blowing this way, it’s another northerly that’s sort of north-easterly at the moment, the same as it was last time I was here It’s still really cold for the time of year, but I would imagine although they’ve showed off that point first thing this morning, they tend to move on the wind especially as the day warms up

And of course in the spring it’s getting warmer and warmer all the time and they end up out in front of here So I’ve set my stall out, put a bit of bait out I put three rods out about the same range, two at 16, one at 17 rod lengths The furthest rod is the one most downwind, so basically the other two rods are shorter so that that rod can pick up fish as well, the other rod’s not cutting it off I’ve sprayed a couple of hundred baits over the top of it

Three little Mystic Spice pop-ups, that’s how we’re going to start, and if we see fish showing elsewhere, obviously I’ll move on to them When going on to a new venue, I recommend you stick with a bait that you’ve caught loads of fish on before In this situation I’m using a prototype bait that I’ve used for the last couple of years It’s a new one by Mainline, basically it’s suited to cold water but fishes really well all through the year The worst thing you can do is go onto a new lake with a new bait, never caught a fish on it before and when you’re not catching then the doubts start coming in – is it the bait, is it the spot, is it the rig? So when you’re starting somewhere new, go in with complete confidence

Yes! Come on Get in that net, get in that net! Bosh, got him! Even though I’ve had a bite, it’s still sharp so I’m not going to change it The beauty of this rig is I can put another bait on really easily and get it back out there again

I’ve just transferred the fish into the sling in the water That will stay out there until I get the rod back in position I won’t put any more bait out for the time being There’s enough out there to get another bite, but it’s all about now getting the rod back out onto the spot as quickly as you possibly can with minimum disturbance There he is

Rod’s back out on the money This one goes 20lb on the button Really good to get off the mark quickly and it looks good for more, the wind’s still pumping in here I’ve not seen any fish show, but this is all the indication I need that they are in this area Certain waters definitely suit certain kinds of bait application

I’ve tried spombing on here, crumb boilie and corn, a brilliant combination especially in the early spring, and I’ve caught over it and caught quickly, but I’ve not managed to build a hit of fish and I’ve often found that after a couple of quick bites the fish have moved off to another part of the lake, sometimes against the wind, and it just felt like I wasn’t getting it dead right In the last session the fish really responded to the same bait, the new bait from Mainline, the fibrous winter bait They were definitely liking that bait, but I was applying it with a throwing stick rather than the Spomb and it seemed like the results got better and better Being able to wade out 20 yards and throwing stick the baits out, I’m only having to go sort of 65, 70 yards then I can get four or five baits in the Eazi-Stik at one time, basically leaning into them

Because I’m out in the water and there’s a tendency to sky the baits where you’re trying to avoid hitting the water with a stick, so you notice my body is actually leaning forwards and I’m trying to throw them forwards as well as up and that’s keeping them quite low against the wind and stopping them coming back in my face Regarding amounts of bait, well, that’s really dictated by how many fish are in the lake So this is pretty unknown, this one I would say at least 100 fish, maybe as many as 150 I’ve been putting out probably a kilo at the start, and then another 100 or so baits after each two or three fish

But bear in mind, in a shallow lake like this, the bait makes as much disturbance as a cast and sometimes it’s better to wait and see if you can get two or three bites over a big spread of bait, which is what the throwing stick creates, rather than putting bait out after every single fish And also the time of year can make a big difference When the fish have spawned and they’re really hungry, the height of summer when the water’s warm, if conditions are good, there’s a good blow on, you can get away with loads of bait Springtime, it’s blowing a northerly, it’s not brilliant weather conditions and as a result you just need to hang back on the bait because you can definitely put too much in So it’s also worth keeping an eye on the birds

If you’ve got ducks diving in your swim they’re picking loads of baits up, it’s obviously still there, there’s no need to put more in If you’re getting loads of takes and the takes dry up, maybe it’s time to add a bit more So it’s a case of reading the situation, using the stock of fish to dictate how much you use and choosing a baiting approach that suits the water that you’re on Completely out of the blue, another bite A duck’s just flying over the top of the line there, just praying this one doesn’t come off

I had a bite pretty soon after that early bite and there was loads of weed on the line and the fish just came off When you’ve lost one, the next one you really need to get in Come on, big fella, in you come Yes! Get in! Yeah, what a pristine fish 26lb 8oz, big thick wrist to the tail, shoulders on him as well

I’m sure he’ll be really big one day And I’ve got the rod back out on the spot already while this one was in the sling and no bait is going out and that is absolutely key at the moment I put bait out after losing the fish earlier on and nothing happened until this one came along, sort of five or six hours later And it’s been all daytime bites, so I reckon I’ve probably scared the fish away in the middle of the day So three rods are back out again, no bait’s going in the swim and we’ll see if we can nick a few more bites on those rods before it gets dark

The Kurv Shank hook basically comes from a fly hook that my fishing mates and I were using probably about 20 years ago now and the reason we liked it was because it had a straight point and a really aggressively curved shank and an in-turned eye The problem at the time, they were bronze because they were fly hooks They had a round cross section so they weren’t flat forged, which basically means they’re squashed on two faces and I like that because I think it stops the hook from twisting inside its own hole Basically it butts up against the flat edge and I think it stays put better So when we brought them out, obviously we made them flat forged, and we kept the shape almost exactly the same

We improved the point, made the barb even smaller than it was already on the fly hooks and obviously gave them a very low reflective finish, which is very, very smooth, a PTFE finish, which penetrates really easily The situations I use them in, well, pretty much anywhere, to be honest The spinner rig that I’ve been using over the last sort of 12 to 24 months suits it perfectly and hooks it so well in that situation, sits up pretty much upright, but it’s just cocked over like a claw ready to grab the flesh I normally use a size 4 with probably a 14mm pop-up in that situation I’ve used it on various other pop-up rigs as well

If you’re just using a coated hook link and you strip a bit away near the hook and just have a soft hair, that’s worked really well for me with a little tiny bit of shrink tube just off the eye of the hook to flip it over and help it catch hold And then when fishing with bottom baits, I tend to use it either with IQ straight through, and the IQ D-Rig really centres around that hook, and then if it’s really snaggy, I move over to materials like the Hybrid Stiff, which is much more robust because it’s got a braided core I fish that D-Rig style again, tie my favourite whipping knot onto the hook first, then a tiny little swivel goes on, a Micro Rig Swivel, and then you’d simply tie on the knotless knot, making sure you go out the eye of the hook on the point side That is so important, that helps the hook flip over and catch hold And more recently, rather than using shrink tube to finish it off and help it catch hold even more, I’ve gone onto using the Kickers and obviously I use the one that slides most easily over the eye of the hook

I use size 2s a lot of the time when I’m fishing with slow-sinking bottom baits I like a big hook, I think it snags faster in the fish’s mouth, and the big hooks nowadays are still so sharp there’s no real disadvantage to using them and I think they don’t know it’s a big hook until it’s actually in their mouth And then with pop-ups I tend to use one slightly smaller, but still probably on the large side of the spectrum, so a size 4 most of the time, and again because it’s hidden underneath the bait where it’s popped up, I don’t think it’s as visible to the fish and if they’re seeing the pop-up before they’re seeing the hook, you’re snaring them So the situations I probably wouldn’t use a Kurv Shank in, if it’s hellishly snaggy or hellishly weedy I wouldn’t use a standard Kurv Shank There I might go up to the Kurv Shank XX, but for me personally I like a beak-pointed hook in that situation, so probably a Wide Gape X would be the one I’d go to, but for most other situations, I would use a Kurv Shank as my first choice

The wind completely died overnight and no bites came The weather man said it was going to blow up the other end today and that was enough motivation to pack up and get ahead of them Approaching a new water is always exciting I really enjoy the learning process and the getting to the point where you know you can catch every single time you go And the lead up to that point is so, so interesting, the learning curve is so steep, and to be honest when I get to a point where I think I’m going to catch one, I know I’m going to cast at that tree at that distance and I’m going to get a bite, then really the magic’s gone for me and I’m sort of going through the motions

So that building a picture of how the lake lives and breathes, where the fish show on certain conditions, and sort of second guessing them and getting ahead of them, that’s a real massive buzz for me Lovely There’s two big ‘uns just done that across the spot Just throw a bit more crumb in I can see there’s probably, must be 10 or 12 decent fish just out slightly further, but I suspect they’ll be back in on this really quickly

I’ve changed the rig from what I was casting out there basically because I think when the fish are in the edge, having a pop-up on is a little bit too blatant, the water’s very clear here I’m throwing in big bits of crumb, not little tiny bits of crumb, but bigger bits of crumb boilie; halves, three-quarters, quarters I’ve got a chopped-down white wafter on, which is a nice, just slightly different colour to what I’m feeding and that’s got the Buttercorn Goo soaked into it and I’ve moved over to a COG lead, so you’re picking the lead up from the centre of gravity, so very, very efficient hooker of fish I’ve still got the spinner rig on with a Boom hook link, probably about five inches long There’s putty in the middle of that to hold everything flat down on the bottom, no tubing because I’m just swinging it out, and a couple of bits of putty on the line just to hold everything flat to the bottom

When the fish are in close like this they’re very, very jumpy, and you want to pin everything to the bottom, use plenty of putty, and think about your hook bait If it’s too buoyant and it’s wafting about too much, they can just leave it We’ve seen that from the Underwater films But I’ve put a little bit of lead wire in it just to hold it that little bit closer to the bottom, trimmed it off so it looks like one of the chops, so it’s not just a round boilie, and we’re going to stick with that Hopefully manage to get bait out without the swans coming in and seeing it being thrown out, so hopefully we’ll leave the fish sort of unbothered and we’ll get a chance

Gotcha! Looks like he’s nailed as well Come on, get in that net Get in that net Bosh! Got him! Yes, success! Just under 12lb, this one A proper young fish, loads of growing in it, great shape and again success on that rig

So we’re going to put some more chops out, put the rod back out again and see if we can snare one of them big ones because there are bigger fish milling about at the back of the area In particular I love big lakes and this one at Broom is the perfect example of that It just feels wilder, you feel like you’re more out in nature and a big windswept pit, big white horses running down the lake, the big waves coming down You’re standing out in the water waiting to cast and getting blown all over the place, I just love all that Little lakes, I do it but I always feel like every time I tread on a twig or crunch on a bit of gravel, I’m just scaring them all away and every mis-cast is pushing them up the other end

Small lake fish seem to be very, very moody and very aware of human activity, whereas on big lakes you seem to be able to get away with more And it’s not like I had to fish out at long distance all the time, some of the spots here I’m swinging it in, literally, it’s under the rod tip and there are spots here that are 30 yards out, 70 yards out, 120 yards out So massive variants in the style of fishing that you’re doing, which I really enjoy I don’t like that sort of one-dimensional, I’m definitely going to be doing this and that only As my fishing’s evolved, I’ve enjoyed that I can do loads of different kinds of fishing on the same lake and it always keeps you guessing

Is that one? That was one just off the back of the spot, come on! That is going to go, that left-hand rod Also on places like this, obviously because it’s not really been fished properly, you never know what it’s going to be and I’ve had all shapes and sizes of fish It’s great for the future of the fishery because you’ve got fish from 3lb up to 33lb, so you’ve got loads of different year classes

Maybe there’s no 40-pounders in here at the moment, but for the future, this place is going to be 40 and 50-pounders and to be around here at the start is pretty special That show over the left-hand area was obviously at least one feeding fish getting on the bait and it wasn’t long before that rod was away Shows over baited spots on big open lakes are often a precursor to getting a bite Come on, get in that net, get in that net! Bosh! Got him! Come on! When you go onto a new water, mapping out the contours of all the swims is absolutely key, so you know exactly how many rod lengths it is to the bite spots I write absolutely everything down so if I come back on here six months later, I know exactly where to cast without having to put the marker float through the swim when the fish are about

And being able to cast a marker a long way is absolutely key I see a lot of people with marker float setups The rod’s too soft, the reel’s not very good, the marker braid’s too thick so it won’t cast a long way and it limits you so much So my setup is really balanced and it means I can cast a Drop Zone Marker Float 130, 140 yards into the wind So first of all the rod, it’s a Longbow DF X45 Spod n Marker

That’s coupled with a Basia reel which casts absolutely miles It’s loaded up with Marker Braid which is super, super thin, and to take the force of the cast I’m using a 50lb Arma-Kord leader and being that little bit thicker as well, it stops the marker float from tangling in the air There’s nothing worse than finding a great spot, you try and let the float up and it’s tangled and you have to start all over again The shape of the float is also absolutely key and you’ll notice the Drop Zone Marker Floats are actually fatter at the bottom than they are at the top and that makes them really, really stable in the air They’re also very, very buoyant, so when you cast a long way, it’s still actually pulling that braid as you’re taking it off the reel

The flight on the top is also key Very, very visible, you can take them off and change them for other colours So if the light conditions change you can always see the top of the float, but it’s the visibility that really makes it stand out from other floats Lead-wise, I normally use probably a 3oz lead going up to a 4 or 45oz lead if I’m casting into the wind long distances, and I’ll swap between either a Probe lead or the new Marker leads with the prongs on

What I’m finding on this particular lake is there’s very little clean bottom, so if you’ve got the Marker lead with the prongs on it’s immediately locked up and when you wind in there’s loads of dead Canadian all around it If you find a clear area, and that one with the prongs on actually slides, you know it is super clear and that’s a brilliant place to mark down in your little log so that you know when you go back into that swim exactly where the clear spots are If you’re trying to bump the lead through weed, I’d go over to a Probe lead Again, it’s uncoated so you feel a lot as you drag it back, but you can actually bump it through the weed and it not get so caught up, so it’s a case of changing the marker lead depending on the situation that you’re faced with And then baiting up-wise, I’ve got a Longbow Infinity DF Spod Rod, which is even heavier, even more powerful than the Spod n Marker

That'll put a Spomb out as far as I can get a marker float, and that’s coupled with an Emblem Spod Reel, which is loaded with Spod Braid which is just as thin as the Marker Braid It’s bright green in colour and that’s basically so you can put it out, leave it on the surface and if you’ve got seagulls diving on your area, you can sometimes put the spod out, and then throwing stick over the top and the actual brightness of it actually keeps the seagulls away I use a 30lb Arma-Kord leader in that situation, again tied with a four turn water knot so it’s a really, really small knot, and that together just flies off that rod, and like I say, I can get it 130, 140 yards even into the wind So if you’re looking to move onto a big water like Broom, you need to have a balanced setup so that you can map the swim and bait up at long distance It was another gorgeous spring morning at Broom and it looked set to be another scorcher of a day, so I baited the long area with a few more boilies because I expected the fish to start feeding again as the sun warmed the shallow water

It’s also a good time to wind in one of the long rods and put it back on the short spot to the left because the fish here seemed to be coming in closer during the day than they did at night For the first time this spring I started to get action on the long areas at night, which says to me fish are responding more and more to the bait, as the water temperature increases running up to spawning time Night bites are a great indicator that you can use more bait in the warmer water The fish here come in all shapes and sizes just like this upper-20 ghost mirror I never get bored of catching such gorgeous fish

Off you go Yes! By mid-morning the south-easterly had sprung up again and it looked absolutely smack on for more action I’d worked out that by walking well left I could steer the fish away from the other rods It really is such a buzz when you start to suss out a new water and you just know it’s going to happen Gotcha! This is a spinner rig

It’s the one that’s been catching all the fish for me on these particular sessions at Broom, and basically you can cast it onto any lake bed It doesn’t tangle and it’s very, very aggressive at hooking the fish As I’m moving around here sometimes I’m casting into maybe 3ft of water onto gravel and I’m moving into another swim and it’s 6ft deep and there’s a bit of weed on the bottom, and this will basically present over all those different situations So starting off with the hook link and the hook in particular, it’s a size 4 Kurv, my favourite pattern, very sharp straight point, sweeping bend, in-turned eye and coupled with this rig it makes it turn over and catch hold really aggressively And the essence of the rig is the Quick Change Ring Swivel that it’s attached to

All I’ve done there is opened up that little crook on the ring swivel, slid the hook on and then covered it up with a medium-sized Kicker Because that’s got an in-turned eye effect, it makes the hook flip over and catch hold even quicker To stop the bait coming off the hook I’ve got one of the Hook Beads and then the bait is basically tied onto a Micro Ring Swivel, so like a size probably 25 swivel just pulls into there just neatly I use a bit of bait floss, basically pull that through the bait and then tie a succession of overhand granny knots around the hair stop at the top and you can cast that miles and it won’t come off And then going down the hook link, it’s basically crimped on

This material is called Boom because it creates a boom section It’s fluorocarbon, tinted, so it’s almost invisible in the water, and then basically it’s crimped at either end So the crimps are double barrelled You go through one barrel, around the ring swivel through the other barrel, pull it up really tight into the jaws of the crimp tool and then just squeeze it down and that’s it, done And the secret of crimping is the material you put through the crimp must be as close to the size of the crimp as possible

So it should only just fit through and these are 06mm crimps and the material is 055mm diameter, so it’s the perfect fit for this situation And then at the other end, again it’s crimped onto a size 11 ring swivel and that is sliding up and down the leadcore Now before we get onto the lead system, how the pop-up sinks is really, really important to me

So you’ve got quite a lot of Dark Matter putty, mould it round that top crimp and I want my pop-up sinking fast And the reason for that is, one, I don’t want them swaying around as the fish come into feed If the pop-up’s very, very light, they can come up off the bottom and look really unnatural, so I want them pinned to the deck And the other thing is, if it sinks really quickly it’s much more likely to find its way through the fronds of weed and down to the bottom rather than getting hung up maybe three or four inches off the bottom, and looking really out of place So always overweight them with this rig

And then going on to the lead system, it’s a very short leadcore leader This one’s probably only about 25ft long and at one end I’ve got the Heli-Safe System That’s really, really key in this situation You’ve got big fish in really shallow water that are fighting absolutely like demons – you need to be dumping the lead

If the lead was staying on, especially while I’m fishing at long range, it creates a horrible angle, gets caught in the weed and that could end up pulling the hook out So the Heli-Safe in this situation is fished to dump the lead If there was no weed or snags or anything out there at all, then I would consider keeping it on and there’s a little collar to put into that to stop the whole thing compressing and that keeps the lead on But in this situation, when the fishing is tough and it really matters, it’s worth dumping the lead Lead size, I’m using anything between 2

5oz, if I’m just dinking it in, flicking it out, maybe 20, 30 yards, the lightest lead I can get away with to minimise the disturbance, and then I’m just moving up to a heavier and heavier lead depending on how far I’m fishing So when I’m fishing 70 yards, I’ve got a Helicopter lead on there of 3oz That’s nice and flat on the bottom, so feeding the lead down is really, really key in my fishing I need to know that maybe there’s some weed out there or it’s clear, but it’s not too weedy, and with a lead like that, it just tells you that little bit more If I’m going for real distance, then I’ll go for a 3

5 or maybe even a 4oz, and then sometimes move over to a distance lead because they cut through the air that bit better So it makes it so easy to change because you just compress that Heli-Safe, take the lead off and slide another one on And then the other key aspect of this, up the leadcore there’s a No-Trace Bead So you’ve got a little tiny tapered collar and on that is a bead with a split in it Basically what will happen, if the fish is dragging the lead around it will pop that bead off and it means the hook link can slide up off the top of the leadcore and basically all the fish is left with is that little tiny hook link

And I think when the line goes slack, that’s when the fish can get rid of the hook So I don’t know how they do it, but basically the hook will eventually find its way out and then the fish is completely free So having a No-Trace System like that for me is absolutely mandatory You can use pretty much any pattern of hook with this rig, especially if it’s got an in-turned eye I like the Wide Gapes as well

They help fishing the pop-up really close to the lake bed and in situations where there’s a lot of food out there, the water’s very shallow and there’s not so much weed, that can be a real advantage Length-wise on the hook link, I like really short hook links, and sometimes when I’ve been fishing I’ve been fishing 3” hook links and absolutely nailing the fish In this particular session I’ve dropped a couple of fish and I’ve lengthened the hook link and got better hook holds So what you’ll find is the way the fish are feeding, the weather conditions, how pressured they feel, will all change the way they feed and sometimes you have to muck about with the length of the hook link to suit that situation So my advice is to keep loads of booms tied up and then you can swap from one to the other really, really easily, and once you’ve had a fish, you’re basically sliding that Kicker up out the way, sliding the hook off, putting another one on

Sometimes I even re-use the same bait if it’s not been out in the water too long and you are back fishing again So it’s something that really incorporates the Quick Change System, works brilliantly as a single or over bait, and you can cast it onto any lake bed If you use Heli-Safes a lot like I do, every now and again you will lose a lead when you shouldn’t and what’s basically happened is grit’s got inside it, it’s held it open, so the gate is basically unlatched and as you hit the clip, the lead just falls off It’s a very, very easy fix Take the cap off of it, pull it apart, just give it a good blow, take all the little bits of grit off of it just with your fingers, put it back together again and it will work absolutely fine

And if like me using it with leadcore, you’ll find eventually the leadcore will start to wear down as it exits the Heli-Safe Basically take it apart, cut the little tiny swivel off the end, resplice it back on again so you’re on to a fresh bit of leadcore, and it’s perfect again for the next few months It’s over there Feels big Completely different fight, this is

It’s a big ghost common Come on, get in that net, get in that net! Bosh! Got him! Yes! Come on! What a fish I think it’s a 40, you know It’s massive Yes! It is a 40-pounder

It’s a good 40 as well 4312 Amazing, amazing What a lake

Check that out What an amazing, amazing carp Just totally and utterly blown away by this fish, and if this doesn’t light your fire for fishing somewhere new, then nothing’s going to Just so, so interesting finding out about a new water and getting surprises like this along the way is just the icing on the cake If you’re going to approach a new water, the first thing I would say is use your eyes to tell you where to fish

And I know that seems obvious, but so many people jump into a swim that’s hot, or one that someone’s told them has done fish before, they’re not looking for the fish and as a consequence it makes the lake seem really difficult If you get there early in the morning and you leave your gear in the car, you lap and lap and lap the lake until you find them showing, it makes a big lake like this seem so much smaller And when you know you’re not going to get a bite, 24 hours into the session, if you know it’s not going to happen, you need to be on your toes again and you need to be moving And the more you fish, the more you get that feeling You just know it’s not going to happen and if you feel that in your gut, you’ve got to be off looking for the fish elsewhere

I really pay loads of attention to the weather as well I’ve got the weather apps on my phone, I’m going through them all the time If you look at the weather and it’s turned around to a westerly or a southerly, it’s gone low pressure, it’s going to be really mild, you know then the fish are going to be more active, maybe you take more bait with you, or you stand at the end of the wind and look for fish showing in the wind, because that’s where there’s going to be more oxygen and the water’s nice and warm All those things can really help you and I look at the weather in between sessions as well, not just when I’m there, so you can see what’s been happening in between If there’s been a really cold snap or something and not a lot’s been out, then maybe the next time you go back you just fish singles for a little while, you don’t put any bait in because the fish have sort of been knocked back a little bit, so paying attention to the weather is absolutely key

The fish here are very affected by the wind We’ve got the wind trickling in here now and it’s no surprise that I’ve had loads of action in this swim and even when the wind is cold I’ve noticed that the fish are moving on it Not all lakes are the same but that’s something to record and basically keep in the memory banks, so when you come on here again the next spring, you know exactly what the fish are going to be doing And recording what you’re finding out is so, so important My phone is absolutely full with different files for different lakes, of how many wraps it is to all the spots, what trees I’m casting at, when I’ve got the bites, day or night

What are fish like in the spring, what are fish like in the summer, the autumn, the winter? Everything’s written down so I can refer back to it and it’s amazing how much you actually forget and you read back and you think, oh, right, that swim does really well in September, I’ll keep an eye on that And that information just takes you to another level and you can basically work out a lake much quicker by recording everything that’s going on Using the Distance Sticks is an absolutely essential part of my modern-day fishing I really don’t know how I got by without them and I know our ones are probably two-and-a-half times as expensive as the average ones, but in my opinion, they’re ten times as good And I was really concerned about the retail price of them when the Product Development guys told me, but having that auger point so you can screw them into the ground with a T-bar, having the spirit level so you know you’ve got them perfectly straight, and also the grooves in them, which is Jim at JAG’s idea to stop too much line coming off, all of those features combined are just an absolute Godsend and I could never see myself going back to the original type of distance stick

You’ll see me wearing a cap and Polaroids for virtually all of my fishing, even on days like today when it’s not sunny Your vision through a set of Polaroid sunglasses is so much better than standard vision You can pick out the rig in the air better, but most importantly, you’re going to be spotting the fish better And by wearing a peaked cap, it takes the light out, just covers the glasses up that bit better Sometimes you’re better off to shield your eyes as well to stop the light coming in from the sides and a decent pair of polarised sunglasses like these are absolutely essential for me

Spotting fish, especially on big lakes like this, is the absolute key to getting bites I basically couldn’t fish without them The thing that spurs me on to keep fishing hard all the time, bearing in mind I’ve been doing it over 30 years now, is the winning, the succeeding You can never guarantee what’s going to be taking your hook bait, but the size of the fish for me is not really the primary consideration It’s getting it right on the day, working out what needs to be done in that particular session, and being consistent session after session

That’s really what pushes me to fish as hard as I can every single time I go

Korda Carp Fishing Masterclass 5: Back to Basics | Neil Spooner | Free DVD 2018

Over the last few years you would have been watching the Masterclass DVD and you’d have seen lots of sections based around some really epic trips across Europe, as well as some highly detailed technical sections across the UK Now when we do the shows and things, one of the things that we are asked most of all is what about a beginner’s section? There’s a lot of you out there that are either just getting back into carp fishing, have just started, or just want to know how to get the basics right

That’s exactly what we’re here to do today I’ve actually brought my cousin along with me He was the person that first got me into fishing over 20 years ago when we were catching whatever came along on the canal that runs through Malden, but now he’s come back into the sport, wants to give carp fishing a go, so it’s my turn to help him out So for the next little while, join us We’re going to show you the basics

How to get them right and hopefully how to put a few more carp on the bank We’ve come to Peterborough on an Embryo water known as Pump House Neither of us have fished here before, so what better way to put my tactics into practice than testing them out myself So first things first Before getting the gear out of the car we need to locate the fish and get to grips with the setting of our chosen venue for the next couple of days

When locating carp, the most important piece of equipment you’ll need is a good set of polarised sunglasses Before today you’ve never had a set of polarised glasses before, had you? No, just normal sunnies Yeah, which are good for stopping the sun hurting your eyes, but for sort of seeing what’s going on in the lake they do nothing What a pair of polarised do is actually take the glare off of the water and allow you to see a bit deeper So to give you a bit of an example, probably two rod lengths out, what can you see at the minute without your glasses on? Darkness, a bit of weed, literally on the top

Yeah, right, now put your glasses on and literally two rod lengths out, you can just see a faint bit of cloud that’s come off the bottom which you wouldn’t, or obviously couldn’t see, and that is a sure sign that a carp has been feeding on something and it’s dropped down, stirred up the bottom and it’s having a bit of a root around But without them you wouldn’t know that But that on certain days can be the difference between you seeing something to fish on, or just going blind and definitely the difference between getting a bite and not So polarised sunglasses I’ve never used in the past Using them for the first time today was immense, really

It’s kind of hard to explain, but it’s just being able to see the weeds that are in front of you that we wouldn’t normally see but then going a bit further than that and actually seeing what the fish are doing underneath the water and across the water as well After doing a full lap of the lake and seeing some promising areas that look like they could hold carp, we didn’t see anything to actually confirm this, whereas on the other side, it’s been a different story This could be a really good starting point, mate There’s certainly a lot more activity All the activity we’ve seen is this end

The other end looks wicked If you were to turn up and going by what the weatherman was saying, a nice warm wind blowing down to a snaggy margin, that might be where you would head, but ultimately this is where we’ve seen the fish It’s always nice to be able to see as much of the lake as possible when you’re on a new lake for the first time – So we can move if needed – You’ve got it, mate

So we’re literally here, we can see the whole lake and if they do start moving, we’re travelling light, we’re only doing days, we can up sticks, get down there within probably ten minutes and start again – Go and get some kit – Let’s do it Come on How long till you get your first bite, that’s the question

Now whether you’ve been fishing for 30 seconds, 30 minutes, 30 days, 30 weeks, 30 years, the first thing you do when you get to the lake should pretty much always be the same, and that is have a good look around, see if you can find the thing you actually want to catch And AJ, to be fair, he was on the lookout for carp That’s one of the best things to look out for, things jumping out of the water and luckily he saw a couple over in one of the corners so we’ve chosen a swim based on that, where we can get as close to them as possible because let’s face it, if there’s no carp in front of you, you ain’t catching squat At least this way we could get a bite very, very quickly Right, I’ll do everything, shall I? Well done, mate

Being relatively new to carp fishing, AJ first needs to put line on his reels We’re going to be using Touchdown which is a very low stretch monofilament that’s strong, supple and incredibly reliable What I do is place it into a bucket of water and allow it to soak for about 15 minutes This allows the line to absorb water which helps it go onto the reel much tighter Next we thread the line through the butt eye and tie it onto the spool using a grinner knot, ensuring it’s pulled down as tight as possible before trimming off the tag end

You then begin to wind in, ensuring that the line is held under tension between your thumb and forefinger Keep winding at a steady pace, making sure that the spool of line is spinning upright in the bucket and not over-running itself which could cause tangles Part way into this process stop winding, allow the line to go slack near the butt eye and if the line starts to twist up around it, then simply lie the spooler line in the bucket on its side and continue Stop winding when the line is level with the lip of the spool on the reel Having a correctly loaded reel will reduce friction when the line is coming off the spool during the cast, helping it to go further

AJ’s been carp fishing for a little while but he freely admitted that he had heard about feeling the donk or feeling the lead down and he didn’t know how to do it, so had never done it before and it is quite simply one of the most important things you can learn as a carp angler because until you know what you’re fishing on, you’ve got no idea really if your rig’s presented or not Just before the lead hits the surface of the water, trap the line with your finger and as you sort of hold it back you get the rod to that sort of position and you can actually feel the lead pulling the rod down through the water and when it hits the bottom, you feel the tip, you’ll feel it donk, you’ll feel that lead hitting the bottom After that you just pull the lead, you can feel it sliding along, it’s actually, it is still pulling up to weed I found a spot myself, had a good lead around, found a nice clean area of clay and showed Adrian that when you pulled it back through, the lead moved nice and smoothly which indicates it’s a clay or sandy type bottom and you know that you can present a bottom bait rig nice and effectively Once I’d found the spot and clipped it up, I handed the rod to Adrian and explained that he had to hit the clip whilst the lead was still about 6-10ft above the water, cushion the lead down and then slowly hold the rod and allow himself to almost be pulled down as the lead is going through the water and watching the tip and you can see it, and thankfully he did after a few casts, you can notice it and feel it when you get that all-important donk

Now remember, slow pull across Right, then you’ve got to try and whip it up, keep the rod up and reel high, reel high, reel, keep it like that, keep it like that Look at that! Straight away Ooh, he’s got the cast, he’s got the rod up, he’s feeling it down, he’s got the donk! Finally managing to feel that lead down, it makes so much difference You know that the lead’s solid on the ground, you know that if your bait’s laying away from the lead, bait in the water that’s actually going to catch you more fish ultimately

Right, mate, I know it feels like a long time coming, I know we’ve covered a lot already, but finally you’re ready to get your first rod out Excited? Very much – Going to do it the first time? – Yeah, no pressure Go on, then I’m going to stand back here and watch If it is wrong I will make you redo it

Okay Even though there was a small PVA bag attached to the rig, I wanted AJ to catapult out a few additional pouches of the Cell to act as an additional attractor to get the carp in the area and sniffing around But we’re not quite ready to sit back and relax just yet Right, mate I’ve let you set your rod out, I’ve let you put it on your bite alarm as you would if you were fishing currently

Now there’s a couple of, not massive changes, but certainly in this situation there’s changes I would make to that To start with, what we saw over there, we saw a couple of fish really close in, didn’t we? And there’s nothing that would make me think they wouldn’t come around close in here as well And at the moment I feel that with over half of your rod sort of sticking out over the water, that could spook them I’m not saying it would do, but it could do And secondly, you’re fishing a really, really tight line

We’re not fishing very far out, you might be 30 yards out, and at the moment you’ve got a really tight line going all the way to the lead which means you’ve got a line cutting through your swim It’s not particularly deep, we think about 5ft deep, and at the moment you’ve got a big line running right through the middle So what we’re going to do, I’m going to show you how to slacken off and I’m going to just help you move, just move everything back a little bit Other than that, the way you’ve got it pointed almost directly at the spot is brilliant for indication A straight line is always the quickest way to get any form of indication on your rod

Like I say, we’re just going to bring it back, slacken off a bit and hopefully watch that Stow fall off when you get a bite Cool, let’s do it It might seem like I’m being picky, but these little tweaks really can increase your chances of catching The right-hand rod he did all himself He found an area, he’s clipped up to it, he’s clipped on his rig and his PVA bag, absolutely nailed it

There you go That’s away, that’s away Take your time, take your time, take your time AJ, let go of the line, mate, that’s it Make sure your clutch is loose enough to let that take line off the front

Absolute disaster AJ’s had his first bite of the day Unfortunately he’s suffered a hook pull Carp are incredibly powerful creatures and if you’ve not got your clutch set absolutely perfectly, that’s what happens, they can’t take enough line and you just end up pulling the hook out of its mouth Take your time

Now this is the bit, AJ I know you’ve obviously caught quite a few carp but when a fish gets this close in, there is virtually zero stretch in the line So it’s now making sure that your clutch is set nice and loose If he does want to go, he can quite easily take the line, because otherwise if it’s too tight, well, you know what can happen, it could pull the hook straight out of its mouth But it sounds like you’ve got it absolutely bob on at the minute

Chuck the landing net my way, please – No, mate – Okay, thank you No problem Steep learning curve

Imagine if he was fishing on his own The landing net should be in the right position already, shouldn’t it, AJ? It should Just take your time It’s only just behind you, we’ve all been there Literally I’d be guilty if you lost it, but I’m still going to make you do it

– Especially now – It’s a lovely looking carp, isn’t it? That’s it, mate As long as you keep a tight line you can play it off the clutch There you go That is a banger, AJ

Wait until it’s properly over the net before you engulf it, all right? Another common mistake It gets this close, you see people throwing the net out in desperation and what you can end up doing is just knocking the fish off the hook Wait until it’s over the net cord, on its way to the spreader block, and then just engulf the whole thing Rod come in, carry on slowly over your back, put your left hand on your landing net, keep the rod, keep it, keep it, keep it, lift Yes! Get in there! Yes! Well done, mate! That is a banger, that That is an absolute banger So with the fish safely in the net and not going anywhere, it’s time to get both rods back on the money Then all we do, don’t even worry about putting your bobbin on just yet

Then we’ll keep an eye on it Your line’s gradually going to sink What will happen, where it’s sinking, your line will naturally become tight again because it’s going down We already know that spot’s a bit deeper, so if your line gets really tight, just simply pay off a little bit more line, and follow that process until your line is almost hanging straight down from the tip You then know that it’s laying flat across the bottom, it’s all the way from here to your spot, nothing to spook the fish

So fish can just ride straight over the top without getting caught up Exactly, without getting scared Buzzing My heart’s pounding So, yeah, can’t wait to get it out of the sling and in my arms

Before removing the fish from the water, we always transfer it into the Trakker retention sling The sling floats which makes the process much easier than one that doesn’t When getting into carp fishing, carp care should be a far higher priority than an expensive pod or a two-man bivvy, for example Throughout this process you must make sure that the carp’s fins are laying flat against its body, as failure to do so could cause irreparable damage to the fish The scales have already been zeroed using the wet sling, so the fish is going to be weighed correctly

If you don’t zero the scales, your fish could appear significantly heavier than it actually is 20lb 12oz, mate Well done What a first fish Let’s have one of them

It’s just over the magic 20lb barrier, lovely big scales all over it and what a brilliant way to start his session – How are you feeling, mate? – Ecstatic, and worn out Quality Is that your second ever 20-pounder? – Yes – Wicked

What a carp, mate Propolis Carp Liquid has been designed to aid fast healing Although a carp scale will grow back in a matter of weeks, if you notice damage like you can see here, it should always be treated Once you have located a spot, it’s important that you know exactly where you were fishing The last thing you want to do, get your rod all sorted, have a bite and think where did I have it from? There’s a few simple rules to make it really, really simple

First and foremost, once you’ve found the area, have a look at the horizon and look for something that’s the highest point, the lowest point and work out exactly what you’re in line with So if you are fishing at night, you will still see it because it will still be silhouetted in the night sky, but even in the day you know exactly what you’re aiming at Then secondly, using distance sticks you can mark out by counting the wraps, exactly how many rod lengths you’re fishing Once you’ve had the fish, you want to get it back out there, it’s a case of redoing it, lining the clip, clip on your bag, whatever it may be, straight back on the spot again Hitting the clip and landing the baited rig in exactly the same spot got AJ another quick bite

This is the key to multiple takes in one day Many people think we’ve got a bait and a rig they cannot use and that is our secret Well, there are no secrets, accurate fishing is the edge Once again we slip the fish into the sling before it comes out of the net to protect it as much as possible when it’s lifted out of the water We never lift it in the net as this is the easiest way to break a fin, pull off a scale or damage its mouth

The first day ended with two fish landed, which just goes to show that these basic tips can get the rod bending, but tomorrow’s another day and we still have lots to cover Huge patches of bubbles like this directly over the spot are a great indicator that carp are feeding More uniform sets of bubbles can often be gas escaping from the lake bed, but big moving patches like these ones are almost definitely carp As I was playing it, it crossed over the second rod and my immediate fear was that it was going to tangle with the second rod, but thankfully Neil mentioned that where we had it on a slack line, it meant that it could quite nicely play over the line and meant that I could pull it back without it interfering with the other rod It’s now in the net, so we’ve got another one to weigh and have some photos with

Nice common So since recasting the right-hand rod, we’ve seen two fish show We’ve had a liner already, so we’re going to leave it where it is and see how the day pans out on that rod Because AJ is fishing on a firm clay lake bed, we’re using a simple lead clip set-up and I’m going to show you how to set it up Now first and foremost, before you thread the tubing onto your main line, take a sharp pair of scissors and cut your main line to a point because that will just ensure that the threading process is even easier

We’re going to put a short length of rig tubing on A length of about 10” is absolutely perfect Next up, you take your tail rubber and you thread the thin end onto your main line first and that’s followed by the lead clip and exactly the same, thin end first Once that’s done, we’re choosing to use ready-tied rigs today to keep it really simple It’s a Krank set-up, just utilising a seven turn knotless knot to a size 4 or a size 6, we’re sort of chopping around between the two, and that’s tied using Kamo hook link, a loop at the end, which is in turn tied to a size 8 swivel

Once you’ve tied your main line to that swivel using a five turn grinner knot, you then pull it inside the lead clip and you know you’ve got it right because you’ll hear a loud audible click as it goes in Once that’s done, you can slide your lead into place onto the lead clip, then make sure that you just moisten the top of the lead clip with some saliva, put the tail rubber on top of that and then followed by the rig tubing, which all plugs up nicely Now whilst this is an incredibly simple setup, don’t be fooled into thinking that it’s just for beginners Anglers the likes of Darrell Peck, Myles Gibson, that’s their go-to method A lead clip and a bit of tubing is what they use first and foremost

It will work everywhere It’s really easy to get caught up in the amount of different hook baits you can buy from a tackle shop, but here we’re keeping it uber, uber simple All we’re using is a Mainline 15mm bottom bait with a few different coloured tippers on the top, and what we’ve done, to again make it even easier, Mainline do some Cell-flavoured 10mm pink and white pop-ups You’re getting two colours in the same pot I’ve actually separated the two colours, I’ve put some Almond Goo on the pink ones to give them some extra attraction

On the white one, gone with Buttercorn Goo as well for exactly the same reason Now again there are over 20 flavours of Goo in the range You can buy whichever ones you want and have a play with, but by far the Almond one is one of the biggest sellers, it’s one of the most productive and the Buttercorn being one of the newest ones in the range has already proved itself as a firm favourite for a lot of people And finally we’ve just gone with some flavoured corn Again, loads to choose from but the yellow IB-flavoured pop-up one is by far the biggest seller, that’s a lot down to the flavour, the colour

It mimics a bit of sweetcorn and it just adds that little bit of brightness on the bottom – perfect Once we’ve got the chosen hook bait all set up on the rig, we’re then tying up some really small PVA bags, just to make sure that it remains tangle-free during the cast and to give the hook bait that added boost of attraction once on the bottom And as soon as that hits the bottom and AJ has felt the donk down, that’s when he’s putting the rod on the floor and he’s catapulting some matching Cell freebies in 15mm all the way around it – absolutely perfect, but most importantly, nice and simple We haven’t had a bite for about an hour now, so it’s going a bit quiet I must decide what to do, whether to reel in and recast again, but the right-hand rod we moved slightly when we recast from the last fish, rather than the 8

5 wraps, we went 975 because we saw more fish showing a bit further along the bank and it’s just gone off again Yes! 185 Straight after returning this lovely common, AJ is in again on the left-hand rod

Yes! So with the left-hand rod we haven’t had a bite all morning and usually I wouldn’t change bait, I’d normally keep on the same bait, but Neil advised to change from the pop-up that we were using, over to sweetcorn, so we did that to give it a bit of a different colour and now we’ve just pulled out this lovely mirror Ecstatic, it’s fantastic The change to the IB corn really made a difference and was keeping AJ well and truly busy on the left-hand rod IB corn again Yes! Right, mate, I’ve just noticed that you’re getting your rod ready to go out, which I like to see, however, what I don’t like to see is the fact you’ve got a bit of coily line going on there

Can you see that? – Yeah – Now basically what happens, when you’re playing your fish using the clutch, when the fish is taking line off the Bite n Run System in the initial part of the fight, all of that is adding twists to the line Now to be fair, it might not have any impact, but it could weaken it and you’ve also got to be checking for damaged line all the time You’ve had a few fish that have brought you in through weed, so it’s worth, when you reel in, just feeding the line between your fingers and just if you feel any slight dinks, it’s worth investigating just to make sure it’s not damaged Because it’s monofilament and when there’s nothing wrong with it, it’s incredibly strong

As soon as it’s got a little dink out of it, it can snap like cotton, so you’ve got to keep on top of it and keep looking after it But what we’re going to do, before you do that we’re going to cut your rig off, take the tubing and tail rubber, lead clip, take it all off, take off probably two rod lengths worth of line and it will be as good as new Just rethread it all and get it back out there – Sounds good – I’ll leave it with you

Thank you With the rod sorted and back on the spot, it was time to take some photographs of this lovely common Amazing I’ve got a sneaking feeling it could be another 20 In my opinion, one of the biggest game-changers in recent years of carp fishing is a set of distance sticks

To be able to get your rig back out in the exact position you’ve just had a carp from in my opinion makes such a difference to turning a one or two-fish trip into a five or six-fish trip It’s simply a case of remembering where you clipped up in the first place, by putting your lead next to the stick, marking it around, counting the wraps As long as you remember that number, remember your horizon marker, you can get it back there every time Now I’m not going to lie to you, we make a set They are very expensive because in our opinion they do exactly what they’re meant to do, but give you a load of added extras as well

Being able to screw it into any ground is a massive advancement Having the grooves in the sides so that the line can actually sit into them to stop it from pinging off is a great help as well There’s none of this big birds’ nest coming off and making you have to cut loads of line off and get rid of it But do you know what, you haven’t got to use them You’re better off using something – we’re actually using just a couple of very bog standard banksticks – as long as you mark them out exactly the same and you’re careful when you wrap them out, they will still do the same job

We’re not saying you have to use the expensive Korda ones, but by using something, you will help yourself get more fish on the bank More fish on the bank is exactly what happened with AJ yet again in on the left-hand rod – this time a lovely scaly mirror What are those? What are you doing? Yes Carp fishing equipment in the last ten years really has come on in leaps and bounds If you go back ten years, maybe 15 years and you bought a cheap carp rod, that’s exactly what you’d get, a cheap carp rod

The same goes for reels You spend less money years ago, you got a lesser performance However, the tackle that you can get today, which is reasonably priced, will still deliver you a high performance that some higher-priced stuff years ago would have given you On this session, AJ’s opted to use the Daiwa Mission rods in 35lb test curve

They’re forgiving enough when playing fish of any size, but if he turns up to a lake and he’s got to cast into a headwind, the rod’s suitable If he’s just flicking rods 50 yards down the margin, the rod’s suitable It will literally do everything that you need it to do and it’s not going to break the bank It’s a stylish sleek rod that looks the part when it’s sat on the rests and it’s delivering the performance that you need it to And similarly with the reel, he’s using a Daiwa Emblem 25 Bite n Run reel, which gives him the free spool mechanism when he needs it, but as soon as he picks up into the fish and starts to wind, it engages the front spool

Now me personally, I actually prefer a backwind facility, which the reel still offers, but Adrian’s used to using the clutch when playing a fish so it’s perfect for him as well Once again, it looks the part on the rests, it’s not too big, it’s not too small, it perfectly sits in the middle and maybe in years to come when he wants to fish extreme range he might have to upgrade, but until then it’s doing everything that he needs it to With the session drawing to a close there was still time left for one more beautiful mirror Over the last couple of days, AJ has learnt so much that he can add to his carp fishing armoury The best thing and the reason that’s happened is because he’s had such a great willingness to learn

For me, the standout highlight if I was to pinpoint one thing, it’s probably got to be the donk Throughout this session, I felt every weight go down I know that the rig is in perfect presentation and that’s been shown We’ve caught all day long and it’s been immense, so that for me has to be the highlight of this whole session As always, whenever we learn something new or learn to do something different, there’s always a few things that really stand out

Now for me, watching him over the last two days and he was a little bit nervous of holding fish of over 20lb, to now, doing everything on his own from transferring it safely into a weigh sling, checking all the fins are always flat, taking it onto the mat, making sure his water’s ready He had his Carp Care kit ready at all times He absolutely nailed it And even being able to teach somebody to do that, it’s been great for me as well and great to see the smile on his face with the wicked carp he’s caught For me the biggest memory I will take away from this session is when we were weighing in the last fish, the crew all mentioned how much I had improved as an angler

Now for me that is fantastic It proves that what Neil has taught me, I have managed to put that in place within the few hours that we’ve managed to be fishing I’ve learnt so much, we’ve caught fish I’ve had a fantastic time and I’ve got lots to go away with There’s a saying in fishing that a few of you might not have heard and it goes a little something like this

Any time you visit a lake, take only memories leave only footprints, and kill only time Be lucky