#1 Top 10 New Orleans Fishing Charters in Louisiana For Redfish and Trout

New Orleans Fishing Charters it lol after shelling a new orleans-style fishing charters here as a local a feed I've made my living on these waters all my life continue to do so today as a full-time fishing guide I take pride in my job then we'll show you the true meaning of fishing New Orleans style with southern hospitality good time lots of action this sounds like fun to you give me a call and come vision Nawlins good time captain Jason chill I'll take you on an adventure you won't soon forget located in love feat louisiana which is just 30 minutes south of downtown or we have some of the best Louisiana fishing to be offered down here in South I can see everything from the heart fighting redfish to the paper mouth speckled trout along with a variety of other fish such as blown sheep black drum I fished the backwater martians lakes by using base in south Louisiana New Orleans insure mission can have you fishing areas like Cyprus an oak tree this backwater marshes where I grew up fish still do to this day this area is also home to many species of wildlife such as raccoons Potter nutrients bald eagle alligators and docs to name just a few I fish out of a 22-foot frontier custom babo powered by two hundred horsepower Mercury Optimax motor I thought his regular equipped to fish for customers and myself a larger group advance notice is requested will take you in your party to my hotspot have your kitchen fish in no time no matter your fishing experience I cater to all skill levels of Fisher or it New Orleans Fishing Charters

Jacksonville Fishing; JETTYWOLF MOMENT whats coming up

Woo, well as you can tell there's a huge weather change today It's Saturday, what is it the 28th? Let's see here uh yeah, March 28th

Huge weather change Freezing cold here this morning, I'm in the Gorton's fisher man, You know what I always say? I always say be over-prepared Than under prepared I'm, I'm ready I don't feel like getting wet, I don't feel like getting cold

There ain't no HMO's in the fishing business Welp, uh We're going to go out to the jetty's today, two guys, and I guess we are going to still feed the bluefish But one thing I wanted to mention is, in the near future here In the near future, I'm going to be doing a review

On the Diala Tatula 200 HD Extreme high speed Okay? That's coming up And the review is going to be pretty much uh, does it withstand saltwater, and really is it worth all of the hype So, um that's coming up And another sort of review, or let you know is a non-ice bait box, food box, that I'm going to be putting on the boat here for the summer

No ice You don't put any ice in it So that's another review type thing that's coming up And uh, look for that in the future And I guess my guys will be here any minute, so I need to get something rigged up, but we're going to try jigging

Float ring fishing, at the jetty's It's North West 15, maybe a little stronger than 15Really cold, huge weather change from the last time 3, or 4 days it's bright, sunny, there's not a cloud in the sky And all week it's been gloomy, rainy, and not much wind at all

So we'll see Alright we've been out here 5 minutes Look at this She paddled the slab spoon With a shrimp added

We had a shrimp on there Look that son of a gun That's a nice one It got the hook all the way down his yap First five minutes up here

This is my first sheepshead ever First sheepshead ever I like that I had a guy last week First trout, first redfish, first sheep's head

First everything You know? Okay Let me put him back in here and grab my pliers Well, this is the first sheepshead on the slab spoon Ever? Ever

Usually trout, redfish, flounder Alright, well fish in the box baby!

Women Friendly Fishing Charters

Both boats are women friendly Our boats are clean and taking care of

When you come on, they smell like Lemon Pledge They're clean When you leave the box is full of fillets and the mate will bag them for you, after he fillets them We cater to bachelorette parties We have more vessels and we can take larger parties for you and have it a real comfortable and unbelievable experience

Remember, we're also bringing dinner home!

Kayak Fishing: Florida trip

Music begins>> Music transitions>> Derick B>> I tried! Chief Fisha>> I know, I told her she was gonna catch the first one too

>> I threw it right back there >> Little black drum >> Awhhhh! Ahaa! Derick B>> Lol, you got that on video right? Chief Fisha>> (still laughing) Yeah, that's all that matters >>Ooh! >> Awhh he spit it, damn! >> He let it go right here >> A snook, hell yeah! >> He's not even hooked

Ending music>>

Fishing Leaders – Choosing the Correct Length

Hey Capt Chris Myers here and one of the questions I get asked a lot by my viewers is, "how long of a leader do I use and do I reel that leader up into the rod guides?" So, most of the time, the longest leader I use is the one I have on here now, it's about two feet long

By the end of the day, if I am cutting and retying lures, cutting and retying lures, it might be half this length What I don't ever do is put a three or four foot leader on that so I have to reel it all the way down into my rod Sometimes, so right about there, if you can see, that I have the leader knot right here, her's the tip of the rod that gives me just about the right combination of speed, accuracy, distance I can make super long casts not having to reel this line up into the tip If I get more line outside the tip, so I see a lot of people leave at least twice that much outside the tip, this may be good for making a big long wind-up and throwing a bomb as far as you can go

It's extremely ineffective for casting to mid and short range targets accurately I can also reel it up super short like this if I want to skip it up underneath docks and trees If I am doing that I'm probably going to add a shorter leader One thing I need to consider is the size of the tip of this rod and right now I'm using 10 lb braid and 20 lb leader, it fits inside this rod If I'm going fishing for snook and small tarpon where I have to beef this up to 30 and 40 pound leader that knot probably is not gonna fit through there very well, or if it does there is a good chance I might bust that insert of my tip out

So, one of two things Either you can adder bigger tips on your rods which I have done for some of my rods, or you need to shorten the leader up where, maybe, you're only using a leader this long I still seem to get just as many bites with a short leader The reason I start out with a two foot leader is so that I have room to cut and tie, cut and tie throughout the day and I don't have to constantly tie new leaders on I'm just tying new lures one But, what I don't want to do is have that line go up and down every guide all day long that knot of that leader rubbing on my guides

Could it wear it off, could it break it off, possibly Is it going to? I don't know, I don't take that chance and it also slows down my cast so, get yourself no more than two feet That's all you're going to need Make yourself nice accurate casts without having that knot rub on your guides and you'll find it will be much easier, much smoother casting

Daytona Beach Fly Fishing Charters & Fishing Guide

Hey this is Capt Chris Myers of Central Florida Sight Fishing Charters and if you're looking for a fly fishing charter or a fly fishing guide near Daytona Beach or New Smyrna Beach let me show you what we have to offer

I'm setup today with my 7 weight Sage One rod and Sage reel, and a floating fly line with a 10 foot leader and we're gonna make a cast at these fish right up here What we got hooked up here is a redfish This one is running right at the boat I do know if he knows that he's hooked yet He's gonna try to hide under the boat

We're fishing right now is less than two feet of water You could see those fish pushing a little bit of a wave as they were coming by Just cast right out in front of them and stripped it a couple time I'm using one of my redfish worm flies ina n olive color And our fish out here range frm two pounds to over forty pounds

This isn't one of the biggest ones but he was one that was willing to eat for us That's always the good kind And this guy you could certainly catch on a 5 weight rod Let's see if I can get him up real quick and show you what he looks like and get him back in the water Here he is and you can see the little redfish worm fly we were using today

It's a two spot Mosquito Lagoon redfish If you would like to book a charter, give me a call 321-229-2848 or visit my website at flatsfishingtripscom

Cape Cod Bay Charters, Inc. – Enjoy Our Fishing Charters

Here at Cape Cod Bay Charters, Inc, we offer fishing charters for those who want to experience the open water

Our two fishing charters are the Lucky Lady II and the 37-foot Duffy boat Captain John Carty, who’ll tell exciting stories about the area, will escort you Our boats can be used for all types of events, such as bachelor/bachelorette parties, or for sports enthusiasts and corporate groups To learn more about our services, call us today!