5 Reasons Why Quepos Costa Rica Is A Sport Fishing Paradise

hi everyone this has resulted from offshore trips and today in this video we are going to talk about a couple of reasons we're gonna give you five reasons why Quepos in Costa Rica is a sports fishing paralyzed so give us is one of those popular destinations in Costa Rica deaths every year welcomes many anglers and sport fishing and two she asks across the globe for its abundance of natural resources and of course the favorable weather though Warner onshore harvest vas quality and huge bill fishes rooster fishes Dorados why he and many more besides the spectacular picturesque beauty and natural abundance education or passionate to finish off shore usually choose among a wide area of Quepos fishing trips packages offered to buy a series of short trips if you are aspiring to have a never-before offshore fishing trip in the amazing gift was area are served with a fresh and hard reasons behind selecting this popular fishing destination is going to be reason number one which is also a little bit about Costa Rica in January applies they are applied to the tape was area Costa Rica is blessed with many beaches and among which there are a few places that can be called as fishing grounds hippos and its Manuel Antonio are those destinations that offer a wide area of boat offshore and inshore fishing all throughout the year thousands of people visit this Costa Rican destination during the annual germans and almost had during Hajj fishing seasons when you get to catch their favorite reach from new orders and wide variety officious was fishing trips from both offshore and inshore anglers off winning over 200 pounds of one who yo friend to now Dorado Pacific sailfish and many more so when you coming back you can experience the best of the ensure efficient to catch snapper mackerel rooster fish new cancer on there are chances to create a record for this size and weight of your cats should give your best efforts to grab the giant from those reasons on which room you can rent a charter charter boats now your budget and the convenience just you're seeking after trips can arrange the best boats that you can take out 24 h for one day and even one and a half days or two days per your preferences but make sure that the boat your chartering is armed with all the fancy oh this you want if you and the crew are taking it out on the ocean so we're going to regional more for in Campos there are plenty of fishing guides around and get advice from this will help you track the right spots to get the best catch you are looking for no matter one's gonna research from the local fishermen and the professional anglers from the collapse can be a great help before you set out to run anywhere around the 16 to 20 miles offshore to fish in a day reason under five if situation favors in the area you can expect schools of dolphins whales and sea turtles on your short trip to take the best naps of the spectacular sea animals along with a breathtaking views of nature during your off shore trips and vacations give us so this arrest us just say no we hope to see you and keep was soon and and I wish you a great day We hope to see you soon on a Quepos Costa Rica fishing charter

Inks Lake Kayak Trips

There's many people going to jump that high cliff on depends water level

Limits views I could not jump, it about 10 or 15 feet deep of the water Do not want to risk of my life Beautiful colors I am surprise, There none of boat motor, all water are flat, no waves Enjoy my time! SCREAM! PISSING ALL OVER THE LAKE NEVER SWIMMING AGAIN!!!! ALL PEOPLE NEED TO STOP PEE IN THE LAKE, THIS IS NOT FOR TOILET

Fishing trip to Siberia for Taimen

The end of the bus trip It took 2 days

Now we'll travel with this tank What a machine ! We're starting

It's gonna take 6 hours (It took two times more) No kidding ! Is going to go through this? Reclamation! You don't even know what is the angle Look at the trees ! I think about 45 degrees

OMG Your impression? Really nice Is f@## great! So we've got to the top of the mountain Now we have to go down and that can be quite interesting Look down, there is even more interesting ramp Mr

Chris, what is your experience? First class 🙂 Now we have a late lunch – a moose A moose and vodka 🙂 A very beautiful and deep spot Unfortunately no taimen here Down there I had a bite Until now no success but the place is very beautiful

Looks like a good hole I see a ravine Maybe we should go out? Oooh there you go Looks like a good one ! I haven't expected that Our guides just have shot a bear 🙁 Another day on the river A camp is set up We fish in a very deep spot Unfortunately taimen don't want to cooperate

My first taimen from the this river 109 cm Not the first one but the first big one Go to your kingdom A little bit gay ? True, not very strong but still a great catch 🙂 Sibir ! I won't do this again Don't give up Tomasz, we wish you again for the second time This time correctly 🙂 You've caught a taimen

Yes, more than one Todays one was for you birthday All the best I've just caught my birthday taimen 102 cm Now we'll release this beauty A beautiful fish ! Have five ! Big one, isn't it? I thought it is a tree A gammon

OMG it's huge ! I think more than 130 Yes, I think so Tremendous! Record 130 at least, for sure Watch out for the line ! Scary fish

Reel it ! It's hooked very well !@#$% You've broken the world record ! Don't think so 🙂 150 ? No, less but still it's huge

We will miss that world, the taimen world

Camping at Oregon Fishing Club

With 13 private campgrounds, Oregon Fishing Club offers a wonderful destination for a few summer nights of nature and fun under the stars Our overnight fishing campsites are ideal spots for fishing, grilling, and roasting marshmallows

Offering an unforgettable fishing experience for the entire family, you will find fire rings, picnic tables, garbage cans, and portable toilets available at each site RV hookups are also available at some sites Join Oregon Fishing Club today!


Here I tie a classic "loop to loop" to connect the strike indicator to the leader After that I take roughly 1m20/1m40 of leader Now we will choose what fly to use I'm going to use my variation of a classic Pheasant tail Nymph I told you this was a great water for Grayling! He's as fat as a pig! I know understand why they call this one of the best "No Kill" areas in Europe! She's not big But she's stunning!

Singapore Fishing Trip Pulau Ubin Part 2: The Journey | FishingAdvNHF

You are back at the right time Wow Wow Wow This one? Hmm It seems like wrong one Uh You get what I mean? Ok! Get inside Eh! Hello! Please move to the rear Is he alone? Is this the lift use for the The lift for moving the corpse as it have two doors Hur Hur Hur Huh? Huh? For corpse? Not this small Can, It has two doors Should be longer If the corpse is two meter long how? Six feet The leg how? The door might not close Have to curve up the legs If carry on shoulder might be too heavy (laughing) The design is a mistake Poorly designed Did we enter the wrong side? This is Arrival Oh! Aiyoh! Hey! KC, is this your underwear? A bag of underwear? Many things inside, Coffee powder, sugar

Four person Any Ferry leaving now? Four of us Huh? Need to wait? You have to The Ferry left? Not yet Huh? It is you when I last visited Huh? Are you the Boatman? Not me Not you? I thought You guys taking the Ferry? Many people waiting What is happening? Huh? We have them to accompany us Uh

You wanna help push Oui! Whey! Can you manage it? I can't help you You went help others just now Don't fall into the sea Those things can place on top Place them on top? Can't place on top (laughing) Later drop into the sea That's right! Why? What's wrong? Wah! Rest a while first I think here can smoke Very uncomfortable Heavy rain over there! They don't mind joining us Huh? The two girls wanna join us Ok Ok lah Huh? Ok Ok lah But never counted you in for the orgy It is fine It's ok, I brought four fishing rods I know the Kelong people Really? How come we didn't go there? We can't Why? We can't go there for fishing Not going for fishing Let's go and find out if there is anything to eat there Huh? Up there? Yup Since I am at the front I alight first You guys pass things to me Can do Come! Let me toss the rope over first (laughing) Uncle can carry two carton but you only carry one? Thank you all for the help Ok Ok You guys not going back tonight? Nope Going to fish at where? Not sure yet Where is the best spot? I also not sure, most fish at the jetty here Alright! Let's go! Wow! Wow! This is really Huh? Where are you going? I go see the map Oh! First time visiting here, not bad Alright man! Where is the Taxi? Huh? Not sure Eh! Taxi is right over there That is a Police Van Huh? Oh! Oops! Yes? Can I help you? Hey! Dog! Come! Oh! it is looking at its uh Ok, you are on your own Too many dogs for me to handle You bully it and now it is calling for help (laughing) Huh? It's a female dog Huh? (laughing) All these dogs are mixed breed You see they all have long jaw Bye bye Bye bye Huh? Failed Yes? Huh? You mentioned that He was telling me if we want toilet should go to Maman Maman Beach Uh

Maman Beach Only Maman Beach got toilet, other areas don't have It is located at which side? North side? Correct! It on the north side facing Malaysia Ya! That's the place Ah! That place can fish? Can fish Any other group over there now? Any kids? Yes, a group of kids camping there I see, kids camping there Many kids there? Quite many Quite many kids Shouldn't have too many kids School holiday not yet started But you guys will be fishing on the other side, it should be fine Oh! The place can do camping? Can Ok How much is the fare? How many of you? Four person only $24 for two way Oh! $24 for two way One way is $12 Oh! Oh! Ok lor Fight ah! Which vehicle? The 122? Uncle ask if you want to buy his van at $15K only Huh? He asked me just now if I want to buy (Laughing) It doesn't include COE You guys staying here tonight? Yes! Uh! Going back tomorrow Tomorrow we need to come back Oh! We need Tomorrow

Contact How can we reach you tomorrow? Tomorrow we call you or need to arrange a timing? Call my mobile phone, "Beat" me? So far how you going to "beat" me? Call your mobile phone Call my mobile phone, don't "Beat" me! How I dare to beat you (laughing) "Beat" you later he can't go home Later need to take down the number The back door can open? My contact number is here Ok, good! You need to turn right How far we need to walk? There! Just there, can you see? OK! OK! KC, don't mind open the door Taken down my mobile phone number? Yes! We did We will call you tomorrow around noon Did you send the number to the rest? Pay $12 first How to pay you? Pay you now? Here! Take it Well, this is really Push over the trolley here Oh! It is fence up in front Ya How to fish? This one should (laughing) (laughing) Ah Ah Ah! I caught (laughing) I caught four already Shouldn't have anymore I thought this is for praying? Oh! That one, ya, you are right (laughing) They are tied together Still have something underneath Oh? Underneath got what? Rod stand Oh! Er Oh! Wait! Later the rod tip might broken Hmm? Where's KC heading to? This is not an idea place Don't you think so? I don't know Huh? I just arrived, i don't know But this place is situated at the river mouth Don't think it would be easy to change spot, right? Hur Hur Oh No! No very idea Huh? This place is fenced up all the way That side got a small opening A small opening? Hur Hur Oh My God! We can easily cast over the fence The gap is narrow, only small fish can get through Not idea! How to cast from here? Very difficult to cast You only have one spot maybe from here Cast from here This is the only place for casting Ok lah, we will take turn (sigh) Not idea!

Kayak Fishing Trip to San Clemente Island (Day 3): ROMAN CASTRO VLOG #70

Its day 2 Yesterday was really fun We fish in different spots While I was getting into the water to video these guys my weight belt broke Its an old weight belt So I couldn't really dive yesterday plus Im feel a little congested so we'll see how it goes Jay one of the crew he let me borrow weight belt So I will be able to dive today You probably think its shark but it was actually sea lion Crazy huh? Ohhman! What a waste Congratulations Thank you Alright How much does it weigh? 32 pounds 32 pounds 42 inches? 42 inches yup! Nice Congrats Thank you