Fishing Tips for Beginners

Fishing is an easy sport to pick up; we can get you started with just a few tips You'll need a rod and reel with the right rigging

When you tie on your hook or lure, use a knot that won't come loose on the first tug Thread your line through the eye of the hook or lure about six inches and fold it back on itself Holding both pieces of line, rotate the hook ten half turns until the line is twisted Insert the end of the line between the hook and the first twist, making a loop Bring it back through that loop, and pull on both pieces of line; that will tighten the knot and snug it up against the eye

Trim the end leaving about a quarter inch Don't just bite it off; it's really hard on your teeth I'm using a weight and bobber and a nice, juicy worm; this is good for bluegill, catfish, carp, crappie, and trout If you thread the worm onto the hook it's less likely to be picked off by the smaller fish

How to Fly Fish : How to Cast: Fly Fishing Tips for Beginners

So what I'm going to do is started out with just basically showing how you should cast the basic casting So first thing remember your right hand is your control hand excuse me your casting hand, left hand is your control hand

What we what to do we are going to do a back cast which I'm doing right now What I'm doing here if you can watch my wrist I'm not breaking my wrist Taking my rod the tip of my rod straight up and stopping and I'm heisting The purpose of this is to give the line proper time to make a loop So you can get the location where you want to put your fly and it keeps you from having issues such as wind knot, catching trees and limbs and that type of stuff

Now if you do go back to far when you are casting you are going to catch leaves, catch people ears, you are going to catch things you do not want to catch or then fish So make sure that you do not break your wrist, you keep your forearm and arm close to your chest and give it time to make its loop As you give it time to make its loop you can pull your line out from your control hand for distance Now when you get your bug in the water what you want to do is take that control hand feed that line that fly line into your right hand The reason for this is to secure the fish when it hits

Hopefully here in a little bit you see what I mean But, what we do here we got a streamer that we are floating in the water right now and basically you just want to have the basic drift with to drag Now as you would see as I cast and I put in the water the current is going to take the line You don't want that to happen So what we do is after you put your floating line into your right hand we do a move called mending what that does it lifts the floating line up over the current

So it assist in a natural drag and a natural drift of the fly that we are using in the water

Beach Fishing for Beginners: 3 Simple Ways to Catch Fish!

What's going on guys, today we're having a tackle talk about three of the most effective methods for surf fishing My first favorite method light tackle little spoons and stuff like this On light line, small reel, small rod on the surf, a lot of fun

Method two: ahhhhh!! I just hooked myself! Method two: bait fishing using hook and sinker and method 3: plugging All right, so I've got boxes for each kinds of these, uh, each kind of fishing that I was talking about, I've got my light tackle box with like, little spoons and stuff like that in there

I love these little spoons Um, I've got my bait fishing box, which, I've got all my sinkers, all my hooks, leader line, pre-tied rigs that I've tied yeah, lots of different stuff for bait fishing and then I've got one of my many plugging boxes right here full of different metal plu– different plugs, top water metal dip divers lots of different kinds of plugs in here and now I have them in all separate boxes because I consider them as different kinds of fishing I don't usually bring all three with me to the beach because if I'm focusing on one kind of fishing I like to focus on one kind of fishing The first method I'm talking about today is like, light tackle spoons So I know Kast master makes a bunch of these kinds of spoons all different sizes I usually get 1/2 ounce, quarter ounce, 1 ounce but that's if I'm targeting little dinner size fish from the first trough I recommend anyone start with a 1/2 ounce to 1 ounce little spoon like this, now spoons like this catch all sorts of fish I'm telling you guys, all sorts of fish Um, when I cast this out I usually have no idea what I'm gonna hook up with and that's really cool to me that-that you know, casting out–the mystery of not knowing what you're gonna catch that's what really draws me to the sport of fishing in general, um, so I think that these are really, really versatile, they work all over, they work everywhere, I've caught fish on spoons everywhere I've been, um, and I really really like them, and now the trick with using–now the trick with using these little spoons like this is to make sure you have the correct gear You're not going to be able to cast this little spoon out On something like–on something like this or something big like this

These are just too big You won't be able to get your line out far enough What I recommend you guys use for these spoons, um, these light tackle, is a salt water approved uh, lighter reel, and I just ordered myself a reel that would be perfect for this KastKing This is the Kodiak

This handle is what I really like about it, now, let me show you why All right Look at that Perfect Not too big, not too small

This will be a very versatile reel for me, I will be able to use this on the pier I'll be able to use this on the surf I'll be able to use on the jetty, brackish water, fresh water, it's salt water approved, good size, now the part I like about the kno– the-the handle is the knob right here when you order the five thousand sized Instead of getting like a standard, like– Instead of getting that little standard knobby-knob like this, you get a nice handful with this, look at that, and this allows for a a nice grip on your reel so you don't feel like your fingers are gonna slip out if you happen to land a- if you happen to catch a big fish, um, it's perfect, and it's not so big that you won't be able to cast something like this out, so long as you have the right diameter braid um, you will be fine For this kind of fishing, I recommend you spool this up with, like Probably ten pound braid Braid is a really sensitive line It has no stretch so you're able to feel every little touch and I think that's important when you have, uh, light tackle like this so you can really be able to set the hook on them good

Now I'm going to show you a really quick trick with spooling up braid, it's gonna save you a little bit of money and I think a lot of people will benefit from this tip, here it is You ready? You don't need to spool this whole spool up with braid If you don't have anything, but braid on here, it's gonna start slipping It's gonna start slipping, and maybe some of you have had this problem before where like the drag is completely locked but you pull it and it's still spinning Why is that? Because braid can't grip on to this

What you need to do is put monofilament backing on it Think about how big your spool is Are you really going to be casting 300 yards of braid? I don't think you can cast 300 yards of braid, and if you can, props to you, man, but I can't cast 300 pounds of braid! So what I usually do is I put mono backing on here and then probably 150 yards of braid this way you save a bunch of braid, this way, you save a bunch of braid and your line won't slip So I'm going to show you real quick Well I'll fill the spool about a quarter of the way And I've got 20 pound mono backing right now and this–KastKing braid has been working for me pretty well And they're like ten dollars cheaper than like this the standard braid that I usually get Power Pro spider wire It's usually ten dollars more expensive KastKing does the same job and to give you more of it

So the line that I've been using is this KastKing braided line, made in the USA Spectra fiber and it comes on this awesome biodegradable spool Which I think is a really good effort in helping with water conservation ocean conservation Because plastic is really ruining our oceans, Erin and I have been talking to you guys about this for a while Now how we should all be picking up our trash we should be leaving our spots cleaner than when we first arrived and I think this fits in so perfectly because at least they're putting effort into Minimizing waste use the spool one time and then you throw it away and then that plastic lives on earth for a long time That doesn't make sense to me Why create that plastic is bad for the world Thank you KastKing for making something like this And I'm using the Uni to uni knot to attach the braid to my mono If anyone wants a tutorial if anybody's interested in this tutorial on how to tie a uni to uni knot Let me know in the comments below I'll make one the second I hear one person tell me they need help with that and Then I fill the rest up with braids Anybody interested in the KastKing braid with a biodegradable spool or the Kodiak 5000 We've got links in the description below Alright, and it's ready to go This is gonna be awesome our next method method number two bait fishing There are so many different rigs that you can tie all with the basic idea This rig is one of my favorite rigs you guys may have seen us talk about this rig before It's the same rig in the second skippers surf fishing kit now We provide you all the things to tie and how to tie this rig In our senkoskipper kit

It's not a PDF if you want to read it all in the link in the description below But this rig is a very versatile rig You don't have to have one hook You can have two hooks You're gonna have three hooks if you wanted to have three hooks With this, it keeps the beat off the ground Whereas a fish finder rig that hook the the hook is on the ground It's on the ocean floor since it's off the bottom I Get less catfish I get less skate

I get less, you know like the bottom feeding fish Especially I get a lot of hookups on the top hook far from the bottom Anyways, I like to rip this up Lately, I've been liking to rig this up with the supersalty tentacles This is the mixed bag that we have I'm gonna show you this real quick the mixed bags come with squid chunks made from the body and squid tentacles made from the tentacles of the Squid and it comes with a bunch of salt with it to keep it preserved So it comes with a bunch of this salt but the salt is a good thing it helps keep it preserved and it also is infused with a lot of Squid scent all that squid juice is in the salt and it keeps it smelling like fresh squid Love it So here are the body parts Here are the tentacles everyone gets tentacles in the mixed bag Body body Body body Alright, so for this I want to show you guys something I want you guys to try this yourself Get the tentacles Cut off a bit and then You're gonna feed it onto your hook like a worm like this Now I'm using circle hooks Because those are safer for fish Alright look at that Hook it up like this get the tentacles put it on here now for for bigger hooks either use a big tentacle or use a chunk bait like this and With these bodies, you've got a lot of meat on them and they stay on there forever There you go Look at that perfect in combination with like fresh-cut bunker or like blood worms This is a nice chunk bait to add on or by itself Look at that So now when this is sitting when this is in the water this surf, okay waves and current will be pushing it Back and forth and swishing, doesn't it look like a fish to you Smells great moves very naturally Other beats I would use on this bloodworms cut bunker mmm, chunk beat any kind of dead beat dead fish cut dead fish Lots of stuff works on on these hooks right here but yeah for these hooks you can put whatever kind of chunk bait you want on them you cast it out you sit there you Wait for the tug I really like this kind of fishing especially if I'm going with family or friends and I don't want to pay full attention to fishing I can have this out have a bail up have my drag set So I can really just chill lay back and I don't have to be super focused which brings me to my next method plugging This is Like a candy store for me like this all looks like candy to me

I Frickin love them one They're really beautiful They're really fun They're really beautiful aren't they? This one was actually made by a subscriber Linnell Thank You Man I still have not gotten a chance to use it We're preparing for our trip to Cape Cod soon And I think that these will work really well NL Thank you very much These are metal lip divers Metal lip divers stay subsurface

They're not on the top, but they're just below it and they'll dive like this This works really well for lots of different kinds of fish Especially big predator fish Rockfish striped bass Now the thing is these are made of wood and I don't want to fish for this for For-4 bluefish because it'll ruin my paint Just a personal preference I would rather not use such a beautiful lure on a toothy fish like that For toothy fish I use plastic stuff like this Or I don't know if it's plastic whatever material this is but it can get beaten up and I don't care This is a tsunami one of the tsunami talking poppers Not too expensive Really fun to use the thing with top water and plugs like this is these are probably to three ounces, you know Like they're not they're not light things You would not want to use light tackle to be throwing something like this what I recommend for Top water plugs like this like save ones like this on the surf is a long rod 10 to 11 feet 10 11 foot rod will be good with a bit reel With heavier braid, so I'm thinking like 30 40 pound braid 20 pound braid will work but I'm afraid of cut slicing my finger on that braid and The cast King braid will work perfectly for this I highly recommend you use braid when you're casting plugs like this because You want it to go really far? That's one of the reasons why it's so big and heavy You want it to go really far and cover a lot of water when you're working these bass on the top? You want to cover as much of that water column as possible And this is making a bunch of noise at the surface of the water splashing around at boom all of a sudden something will come out of the water and eat it and it's so exciting to see it because it's boom and Then it's a train on you and it's a train on the end of your rod

It's awesome You're gonna see more of that in the future because we're going to cape cod soon So when you fish when you fish something like this there's a lot of different ways to fish it This will fish way different than this Look at how its shaped this will float and pop water from the mouth This one more more so glides through the water So but for something like this a popper What you're going to want to do is cast it way out there and start popping bringing it back Okay, there's many different ways many different speeds You can bring it back That's something that you need to work on yourself It depends on what the fish want Sometimes you cast it out Pop pop pop wait Pop pop pop wait pop pop pop

Sometimes they want fast pop Pop pop up up up, you know, it's there's different retrieval ways and you got to experiment with different ways So final tips for these get yourself the correct rod Okay, ten eleven foot Ten eleven foot rod with the right reel and the right braid throw these when you see fish Busting on the surface You see birds diving like crazy throw these when you see fish coming out of the water You see fish chasing out a little bait fish Throw one of these it'll really attract it with all that sound with all that splashing It'll come up and smack it hard Have fun Thank you everyone for listening to me ramble on about surf fishing I really hope that I could help anyone out there who needs help because I remember a time where I Didn't know anything I didn't know much about fishing and It was kind of hard for me to find out the information We want to be the source of your help

Anybody who needs help Please reach out to us We're willing to help if you guys have any more questions and you need more answers we've got a detailed guide as well as the kit that comes with all the stuff to tie the the bait fishing rig I was talking about This is something that I wrote personally myself to answer a lot of questions that we've been getting and It's just chuck full of information how to tie the rigs it comes with the with the gear to tie the rigs as well if you're going to the beach for a week or to Pick yourself up some good stuff Have a good time good luck out there guys I know you can do it if you get to the beach and you get skunked the first day do not get discouraged That happens to me on the rag I'm not even kidding We're filming our show and the first day we get there almost every time we get skunked We'll we only catch one little fish It's about experimenting and learning Remember guys don't get discouraged remember how the ocean makes you feel and Try and remember that when you're there and not get too frustrated with yourself if you cannot catch fish See you guys