Today we will discuss about some excellent fishing lures that you need during the fishing a Fishing lure is one type of artificial fishing bait Which is designed to attract a fish's attention If you want continuous information about the fishing gears and tips subscribe us to keep in touch First fishing lures 30 pcs lot fancy fishing key features Bright colors to attract big fish each comes with two sharp treble hooks each comes in a different size from 1 57 to three-point 66 inches material PVC plastic stainless steel 3d eyes will trick even the smartest fish Second fishing lures lucena fishing lures key features to Loosen oh fishing tackle set collects nearly all accessories including fishing lures 102 pcs fishing lures tackle box kit Contains seven different baits the bait is special for their 3d eyes Luciano fishing lures set is both for freshwater and saltwater Very good customer service reply you within 24 hours Third fishing lures 10 pcs by max fishing lure key features larger and heavier designed to catch big fish each comes with a sharp treble hooks and colorful strike attractor sleeves The packing box makes you more convenient to use both for freshwater and saltwater premium quality blade provides Deadly on bass trout walleye northern pike and salmon 4th fishing lures w lure minnow crank bait bass lure key features length 4 inch body length 25 inch weight 1/2 oz W low real skin painting wide wobble or slow floating or jerk baits black nickel round Ben treble hooks shipping weight 48 ounces v fishing lures 16 pcs policy no fishing bass lures Key features this set included 16 pcs spinner lures and a portable bag included sharp treble hooks and brightly coloured strike attractor sleeves blades are designed for bass fishing and trout fishing Can use both for fresh water and salt water? creating varying degrees of flash and vibration Machined brass main body if you want more information about the fishing gears and tips subscribe to us to keep in touch